10 Hot Items Under $200

It’s that time of year again.  Hours of combing through malls, Walmarts and online stores for that perfect gift is nearing and I want to give you head start.  Here are 10 hot items under $200 that your friend, lover or homey lover-friend will enjoy much more than the American Express gift card you were about to purchase.  It’s all about electronics and gadgets.  Gadget junkies, this is your year.  Beware, some of these items are Recession Proof.  Enjoy!

  • For the sexy, chic, computer geek such as myself, the lady in your life will enjoy the Heart Beat USB Memory Key necklace by Swarovski.  This stainless steel heart covered in Swarovski crystals, is a 1 GB key that holds up to 250 songs or 1,000 photos.  Original price:  $180.  Current price; $90.  You can find this at any Swarovski store or online at http://www.swarovski.com
  • iPod Touch 8GB.  It has room for over 1,700 songs and up to 10 hours of video.  The iPod touch allows you to connect to the Internet where there’s any Wi-Fi connection, Nike + iPod support built in just for you fitness gurus and the best part, the touchable screen.  I was going to suggest stepping this gift up a notch by downloading a few of the newest hottest albums the person you’re buying this for may like, but that brings the gift over $200.  It is a very good idea though!  Price:  $199.   You can find online at www.apple.com or at any Apple Store. 
    • We all heard about the British phenom, Jimmy Choo, lending his creativity for a line at clothing store H&M.  That collaboration sent shockwaves to all fashionistas world wide.  If your lady is a shoe addict these grey, suede peep toe shoe with studded straps are TO DIE FOR!  She will love them!  She may even show you how much she loves them with them on ;).  Price: $179.  Available at H&M stores.
    • The Nintendo Wii.  Back in the day the video game player was a must have for every child but with the Wii, it’s our turn.  Price:  $199.  You can find this at any Walmart or Target.  www.walmart.com or www.target.com
    • If you already have the Nintendo Wii, the video games to get are Sport Resort, New Super Mario Bros (gotta think about the kids) and DJ Hero.  Hours of interactive fun everyone can enjoy.  Wii Sports Resort price:  $49.96 www.walmart.com; New Super Mario Bros. price:  $ 49.96 www.walmart.com; DJ Hero price: $119.82 www.walmart.com 
    • If you need to stay up-to-date with the latest cell phones, Verizon Droid by Motorola is a must have.  Released less than 2 weeks ago, the Droid is the answer to the iPhone.  It’s ran on Android 2.0 and Google is to thank for an application like Google Search by Voice.  Looking for the closest sports bar?  Just say “sports bar” and the Droid will pull up all the sports bar in the area that you’re standing in..real time.  Price: $199 with new 2-year contract.  www.verizonwireless.com or at any Verizon Wireless retail store.
    • If you’re addicted to the CrackBerry like me then the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and BlackBerry Storm2 9550 are must haves.  The Tour is the first BlackBerry with a 2 GB sim card and the Storm is the first touch screen BlackBerry, but make sure you get the Storm 2.  Storm 2 fixed all the wrongs of the first one.  You’ll love it!  (Storm is exclusively with Verizon Wireless).  Storm price:  $179.99 www.verizonwireless.com; Tour price:  $149.99 (Verizon or Sprint).
    • Grown men love grown things.  If he loves watches then he loves anything Invicta.  You typically can’t find these watches under $200 unless you are really good at finding bargains and I found one for him.  Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Sport Quinotaur!  Enough said.  Price: $203 (I know I know…I cheated by $3 but your man will love this!)  www.shopnbc.com.  They also sell Invicta’s at TJ Maxx.
    • We all love digital cameras but an instant film digital camera??  The PoGo Digital Polaroid Camera, developed by Polaroid, instantly prints the images you capture.  The icing on the cake?  You don’t need any ink.  The camera uses a paper embedded with colored dye crystals that are activated by thermal pulses as the paper passes through the printer!  FIRE!  Price:  $179.88 www.walmart.com or Walmart stores.
    • Lastly, for the Martha Stewart in us all, a life size wall mural.  These are hot!  Price: $124 www.gifts.com

    This should get you on your way to a good 2010.  Enjoy!


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