Cafe Circa

Cafe Circa sits on Edgewood Avenue in the Historic Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta.  This restaurant has a great bar, wonderful decor and an overall pleasant setting for a quiet evening with your cutie pie or laid back night out with your girls or boys.  A few people have told me that the food is not that great but I typically do not let another persons experience deter me from trying something out.

I’ve been to Cafe Circa 4 times.  Three of those times I ordered food.  My first dining experience was a simple ceasar sald.  The salad was so salty I could not finish it.  A salty salad was not enough for me to write them off.  Plus, it could have just been an off day for the chef.  Nothing to say “I’ll never go there again.”  Unfortunately, the other 2 subsequent times yielded the same result: OVERLY SALTY FOOD.  I wish I had something positive to say about the menu but with giving it 3 tries and all 3 times I could not finish my dish because of the salt level, maybe the people who warned me about the food were right.

Even with a not so great dining experience, Cafe Circa still has perks that are a plus for Cocoa Chicks CritiQues:  friendly staff and a GREAT bar!  There is nothing better than walking into a facility and being greeted with the staff like Cafe Circa’s.  They are always friendly, always professional and always customer service focused.

Will I return?  Yes, but for drinks only.


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