Merengue Restaurant Boston, MA

Although I’ve moved away from home and do not miss Boston at all (except for the friends and family) one thing that I absolutely love about that city is the diversity.  With diversity comes all kinds of good eats!

I went home recently and finally went to a restaurant that has been 5 blocks away from me my entire life that I always walked by.  Merengue Restaurant located at 156-160 Blue Hill Avenue, brings Dominican Republic cuisine to the heart of Roxbury.  With dishes like Langosta al Gusto* (Lobster in Garlic, Vinaigrette, Creole or Coconut Sauce) and Combinacion de Mariscos al Gusto* (Seafood Combination with Lobster, Shrimps, Calamari, Octopus & Mussels) you will enjoy something on the menu.  When you walk in all your senses are greeted with something Dominican.  The aroma, the sounds and the authentic Dominican decor gives the feeling that you are on their island enjoying their food.

Unfortunately, my first experience wasn’t great.  We waited 35 minutes for salmon, salad and rice and beans.  The waiter did not come over one time to apologize for the delay or just give us an update on our food.  When the food finally arrived my salmon was as hard as an over cooked piece of steak and my beans were cold.  I was completely thrown off by this because I’ve heard nothing but great reviews.  Will I go back?  I’m thinking about it because everyone’s food looked and smelled really good.  Luckily I’m in the mood of giving second chances.

If you’re ever in Boston go check them out.  I think they just had an off day.


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