Fatal Attraction…the Remixes!

phillipsWe all saw the 1987 thriller where Michael Douglas enjoys the time away from his loyal wife to spend 2 days with a crazy ass, Glen Close.  In 1987 I wasn’t allowed to watch this movie but when I finally became of age, I couldn’t help to think what dummy would cheat after seeing that.  That bish was crazy!

Of course cheating never ended.

But with the horrible murder of Steve McNair and now the mess unfolding with Steve Phillips at ESPN, I wonder if the young crazy chick is the new thing?  If you haven’t heard already, Mr. Phillips,  an analyst for ESPN, a 50 SOMETHING year-old analyst for ESPN,  cheated on his wife with a 22 year-old production assistant for a very VERY brief period over the summer.  He ended the affair and apparently she wasn’t having it because she went all “Fatal Attraction” on Steve.  Well not completely Fatal Attraction.  There were no boiling pet rabbits or sliced wrists… that we know of.  But she was damn close to it.  This basket-case “friended” his sons on Facebook by pretending to be a classmate to muscle family information from them, harassed Phillips and one day the wife comes home to see the psycho leaving this wonderfully written letter on the door http://www.nypost.com/r/nypost/2009/10/21/news/media/lettermistresstowifea.pdf .

Phillips claims he only slept with her 3 times and after he broke it off she became obsessive and delusional.  Let this be a lesson to all men.  Keep the wee-wee in your damn pants!  Oh and Steve, dude if you were gonna cheat, at least CHEAT UP!    Have yall seen this chick?  LOL!  I know I know.. that was a low blow but damn.


2 comments on “Fatal Attraction…the Remixes!

  1. Your situation is not funny because betrayal is a hurtful thing but girl why did I just fall out @ ‘caliber to add insult to injury’?!? Yeah it’s bad enough people cheat and I don’t want people to think I’m co-signing cheating by saying ‘cheat up’ but daaaaammmmnn! Since I’m not a mess I would be PISSED if my guy cheated anyways, but if he cheated with a dustmite it might be a tussle lol.

  2. *Sigh* you would think that after all of the bad history and juju that cheating has brought those visible to us (celebrities) people would learn…alas it is not to be so. And no hon….very rarely do they cheat up. I was pissed when I saw who my son’s father cheated on me with…straight up and down regular looking Becky. Someday I hope Men will either have the fortitude to not cheat, or at least to stop doing it with someone of a caliber to add insult to injury lol

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