Just ask CBS… any publicity is good publicity!

*Oct 04 - 00:05*CBS will benefit WONDERFULLY from the David Letterman scandal.  Just as we stretch into the fall season Mr. Letterman uses his show to tell America that he had sex with female co-workers.  NICE!  Of course the ratings went through the roof that night.

Let’s rewind a few days.  Accused extortionist Robert Halderman demands that Letterman gives him $2 million in order for him to be quiet about his affairs.  This story is funny that it’s almost unbelievable because Letterman is known for his merciless attacks on people who have been caught in their sexual trangressions and Halderman is so stupid that he asks for a CHECK and actually goes to the bank to cash it!   What about asking for cash dummy?  But what’s even more funny is that Halderman’s current girlfriend is one of the ladies Letterman has had an affair with.  Did he forget that his girl had been passed around the office? 

But back to the point.   The night Letterman announced his affairs, the audience exploded in applause and his ratings went up 40% from the previous week.  For all of you who do not believe that all publicity is good publicity,  you are sadly mistaken.  CBS is coming out like a fat cat!  *smh*


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