Blame it on the …..

6833_134020483555_683488555_2441873_6134959_s[1]Every time you think Kanye can’t take it any further.  He manages to push the envelope until it is busting at the seams.  Last week I was shocked at the disrespect of a certain congressman from South Carolina, this week I am again appalled at the disrespect showed to new artist Taylor Swift.  For those of you who didn’t see it, I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but I will recap.  Taylor Swift was giving her acceptance speech for best female video when Kanye approached the stage and interrupted her stating how much better Beyonce’s video was.  I’m sure after that display B and her husband Jay-Z have a few words to say to Kanye. 

I can’t imagine being a teenager, on stage and accepting an award and being interrupted by a drunk rapper.  Kayne just lost some cool points in my book.


3 comments on “Blame it on the …..

  1. I agree that MTV should have done more to make the situation right and that Kanye was well within his right to voice his opinion but if someone got on the stage while he was giving and acceptance speech they would have caught a beat down. There certainly were more appropriate times for Kanye to voice his opinion, like backstage or at a post show interview.

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  3. uummmm I’ve been trying to figure out all day what the big deal is and why people aren’t as upset with MTV as they are with Kanye. I don’t think Kanye was wrong for expressing his opinion.. inappropriate, yes. He says what everyone is thinking every year when someone gets ‘robbed’ for an award at these shows(mtv, vhi, ama, oscars, golden globe)…”how the hell did he or she win that award?”
    I dont think what he did was earth shattering. People are acting like he committed a cardinal sin. Taylor is a big girl.. she’ll be 20 next month.. lets stop acting like she’s 13 and Kanye went ape shit on a baby.
    BUT more importantly let’s talk about MTV’s role. If it’s really about disrespect, Taylor’s feelings or what have you, why did they air it? This was not a live show. THis show was recorded Saturday, September 12th. THey had 2 days to edit it out. Not only that, Kanye had been on the red carpet for a good amount of time, drinking Hennessey from the bottle while posing for the cam and talking to his friends. THey (mtv) was hoping and wishing Kanye would act up. It’s all for the ratings.. they don’t give a damn about Taylor just like Kanye didn’t. ANd guess what they’re doing now? Airing it again.. THAT more offensive than anything. I’m not buying it… wake me when he does something REALLY wrong *yawn*

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