Sunset Lounge: Evolution of the Day Party @ Shout

The day party… what a great concept!  If you’re like me then the club scene is sssooooooo last season and watered down.  Actually, the Atlanta scene is watered down but this Sunset Lounge group has a little something up their sleeve.sunsetloungesept09If you do not live under a rock somewhere, you should of heard about the Day Party being held at Shout Restaurant located in Midtown Atlanta on September 6, 2009.  Hundreds and hundreds of people came out early Sunday for an afternoon of great music, good food and wonderful drinks.  There was even an impromptu performance from my boyfriend, Raheem DeVaughn! 

The crowd was friendly, the ladies looked and dressed beautifully (finally a day where I don’t see stripper outfits everywhere I turn!) and the men were serious eye candy!   There were stars, athletes and entertainers sprinkled throughout the crowd. 

Party-goers enjoyed dancing and dining on the patio overlooking Peachtree Street.  Once you walked inside to the dance floor you were almost stopped in your tracks by the heat and heavy bass line.  People were partying like it was 1am at the hottest nightclub in town.  Sunset Lounge ATL has a good thing going!

Pros:  Large following, good DJ, organized

Cons:  Service at Shout was questionable.  I waited 30 mins for drinks and food.  When trying to leave I waited AN HOUR for my check.  I understand it was crowded but this same event was held in August so Shout should have been prepared.  Someone made a comment about waiting for her drink and a gentleman who happen to be standing near the table responded with “there’s a bar right there.. if it’s taking long you can walk to the bar.”  It was the manager.  WTF?!!?! 

So with that being said, will I attend another Evolution of the Day Party?  No, not if it’s held at Shout.  If it’s held somewhere else, I AM SO THERE!

Sidenote to promoters:  You should really make sure the establishments you use respect your crowd.  Honestly, being understaffed at your event was inexcusable especially since this was not their first time.  It shows little respect to you and your followers.

Bentley's, Ferrari's and Royce's OH MY!     Day Party September 6, 2009 005

Day Party September 6, 2009 021 Day Party September 6, 2009 020

Day Party September 6, 2009 019


2 comments on “Sunset Lounge: Evolution of the Day Party @ Shout

  1. anjie3000,

    I’m Big CAC, co-owner of The F.C.C., one of the promoters who put this event together! First I want to thank you for your commentary. I think you were totally correct! The concept was one that my business partner Keinon had been wanting to do for years after going to a day party in D.C. almost 10 years ago…and it’s still one of the best parties we’ve ever attended! Another friend of ours, Moetown, owner of the advisory group expressed interest in doing something similar….So we mad a few calls, ATL Barz & J. Carter of Sol-Fusion liked the concept and here she is…The Sunset Lounge!

    You are correct, on both fronts: We do have a something up our sleeves and there’s more to come! Also, the service does need to be stepped up! I wanted to responsed to you and let you know that The F.C.C. is probably the most critical (of everything) promoters that you can find! We have been in back and forth convo with management at Shout about service and hopefully your commentary will give the needed push for them to make the necessary changes! You are being heard loud and clear, and I urge you to continue to support The Sunset Lounge! The next one is Sunday, October 4, so please make sure you’re in the building and spread the word!

    Thanks again,

    Big CAC
    The F.C.C.

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