Arizona Pastor wishes the death of our President…WOW

If I remember correctly, last year President Obama’s former reverend, Reverend Wright, caused a media FIRESTORM for sermons and comments that some say were inflammatory, racists and full of hatred.  Every single day for months straight we heard reports about Reverend Wright.  People were “so upset about his message of hate.”  People were so upset that ‘a man running for the highest office in this country would be associated with a man like Reverend Wright.”  EVERYDAY we heard this crap.

Reverend Wright preached that the U.S. invited September 11th terrorist attacks; he preached that the government pumped drugs into black communities; he preached how the U.S. is linked to many attrocities throughout our history, here and abroad.  He hasn’t said anything different than alot of people have reported, written books and produced movies about.  There are numerous people who have alot of his same beliefs on these subject matters.  Ok so he thinks blacks and other minorities shouldn’t sing the praises of this country with how they were treated during the course of history.  Whoopty-fucking-doo.  Does everyone forgive and or forget when they’ve been done wrong?  HELL NO.  You’re probably still mad at the prick who bullied you throughout grade school and made your teenage life hell and you’re probably still waiting for an apology.  But that’s neither here nor there.  Whether or not you agree with Reverend Wright’s views, one thing he NEVER did was wish death on another man, ESPECIALLY a President!

Arizona Pastor, Steve Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, has wished the death of President Obama in his sermon to his followers.  He said ‘Oh lord, break his teeth in his mouth.. ‘ ‘I want him to die.’  Clearly this idiot is a looney-tune but why only a quiet buzz about it?   From his other transcripts, he’s been preaching hate and the death of gays, blacks, jews, hispanics, chickens, adulterers, pinky toes, fire hydrants and whatever else he thinks of in that nut job head of his forever.   I disliked Bush, but NEVER would I wish the death of another man.  The double standards kill me.  Let a sermon of Reverend Wright’s come out today of him preaching the death of a past President.  The blogs, the O’reillys, the Becks, the news stations would have a field day!  OH..and I won’t even TOUCH the religion subject of this matter.

Oh how soon we forget.  Convenient amnesia must be contagious.

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