Rumor Has it that Lil’ Wayne Impregnates 3rd Woman

 lilwayne-nivealil wayne   

  dumb ass Lauren london

Ok, I’ve accepted the fact that women are having sex with Lil’ Wayne but really?  Really?  Who is still having unprotected sex with him?

I shook my head at actress, Lauren London, sucked my teeth at singer, Nivea and now I roll my eyes at a stripper from Spearmint Rhino, a Los Angeles strip club.

There are no confirmed reports that the story is true but for a rapper that proclaim to Katie Couric that he was only a role model to two, refering to his two children, has in less than a year’s time doubled his role modeling responsibilities.

Ladies, if you must sleep with Lil’ Wayne, please wrap it up.  The prospect of putting being Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama is probably not worth any STD or STI you will contract.  Not to mention the child support checks are getting smaller and smaller with each edition to the Carter Camp.


2 comments on “Rumor Has it that Lil’ Wayne Impregnates 3rd Woman

  1. ^^^^ this chick ugly and lonely liiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkeeeeee…. Lying A$$ B!t(h….. correction weezy wouldnt touch you….i garuntee you arent even close to none of these ladies levels….. fugly

  2. A) EUW!
    b) Who is still having unprotected sex with random people IN GENERAL let alone Lil Wayne and
    c)I want these chics to get a life! AND some standards!

    I don’t get groupies.. Maybe my self esteem, self worth, ego, pride, self respect, my Queen like mentality is too high for me to consciously seek out entertainers and athletes (especially the ugly ones) as a man I chose ‘just because’.
    I don’t care if Lil Wayne had Bill Gates money.. as a matter of fact Bill Gates AND Warren Buffett could give all their assets to Wayne and HE STILL COULD NOT TOUCH ME WITH HIS PINKY TOE.

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