Bumps Cookies

My regular Saturday routine is a short walk down Edgewood Avenue to Hev-ee Hitterz barbershop to see my new bff, Low.  Low has GOT to be the best barber in Atlanta but that’s besides the point.  When I walked in I was met by a sweet older lady holding a box of what it looked like individually packaged cookies.  Of course I said “What ya go?” but I was not expecting anything spectacular other than homemade chocolate chip cookies.

What caught me off gaurd was Low had ordered like half the damn cookies so I figured something real yummy was happening in that box!  To my suprise, this lady had a box of all natural, vegan and no sugar cookies that would make you slap your momma.  Of course she had the regulars:  chocolate chip, oatmeal, and oatmeal raisin but this lady stepped up the cookie game.  With flavors like pina coloda, sweet potatoe pie and cranberry white chocolate, Nestle Tollhouse better watch their back.

Bumps Cookies – www.bumpscookies.com

stamp 2


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