EVOS: Really is “Feel Good Fast Food”

EVOS Prado – 5590 Roswell Road, Suite 140, Atlanta, GA 30308

When thinking about fast food most people think of fatty burgers and fries topped off with an even fattier milkshake.  When thinking about healthy, organic or even vegetarian/vegan foods, people’s mind tend to think bran and bland.  Well Evos gives you the best of the fast food world without the hormones and dirty brown grease. 

At Evos you can get a Freerange Steakburger, a vegan soy burger, and airbaked fries and chicken strips.  They also have wraps and fresh salad made with organic greens.   The airbaked fries are light, clean and crisp and the “EVOS Ketchup Karma” station which features Original Americana, Garlic Gravity, Cayenne Firewalker and Mesquite Magic promise to satisfy anyone’s palate.  My little cocoa chickadee proclaimed their chicken strips the best she had ever tasted.

The staff is patient and helpful in selecting the delicious eats.  So great food, great service and did I mention free wi-fi, how much does all of this cost.  With a kids eat free special our Veggie Garden Grill, Kids Airbaked Chicken Strips, 2 small drinks and large Airfries came to less than $10.00, which I could easily spend more when visiting the arches or his royal highness.


With the promise that there will be no guilt associated with the consumption of any of the menus’ earthly delights who can resist.  Visit www.evos.com for menu and locations. 

***Atlanta mid and downtowners will be happy to know that another location is soon opening at Viewpoint (855 Peachtree St.), and a little birdie told me this location may also serve adult libations.***

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