Erin Andrews: Victim or Opportunist

erin and oprahI wasn’t going to say anything about this chic but I’ve held my tongue long enough.

We all know on July 16, 2009, a video posted on the site “NSFW POA” hinted that a naked blond woman videotaped through a hotel peephole was a popular sports personality. The next day, Andrews authorized her attorney to issue a statement via PRNewswire verifying that the woman in the video was she and that the video was made without her knowledge or consent.

Legal counsel for Andrews and ESPN acted quickly to both remove the video from sites that had posted it and work with authorities in an attempt to locate and prosecute the perpetrators of the privacy invasion.  This incident was also heavily reported in the international media.

If this was done by someone, then yes, he or she should be punished.  Not to the extremes that some of these fruitcakes have been talking about such as asking Prez Obama to change privacy laws.  WTF?!?!  But I don’t believe it was done by anyone BUT the beautiful blond.

Why did Erin Andrews even make it known it was her? 


Yup!  You guessed it!  Erin is an aspiring model.

The video of her showering was so grainy, YOU CAN NOT TELL ITS ANYONE except the fact its a women let alone Erin Andrews!  So why let it out that it was you?

Since Andrews is an employee of the Disney Corporation, I’m sure that she can’t advertise her other interests or personal ventures while doing her job (that’s a fact).

The ill intent perpetrated by those responsible (ehh hmm Erin) for the video is also acting as a big break for Andrews. She has turned this into a campaign opportunity without breaking any code of employment rule for Disney.

Just look at the opportunity to be on the Oprah Winfrey show; her name being a ‘hot topic’ on twitter; her name being highly searched on google and yahoo.  What else is there to say about what happened?  Other than to gain more publicity for herself.

Erin, good job sister!  What a plan?!  You’re taking one for the team girl and riding this thing to the wheels fall off! 

Oh yeah, Playboy Magazine has voted her the sexiest sportscaster in 2008 and 2009

2 comments on “Erin Andrews: Victim or Opportunist

  1. THANK YOU BOBBYGEE! I just watch the game and turn when anyone else other than the team is on the air. I really didn’t even know who Erin was until this incident.

    I personally would have been mortified if nude pics/vid came out of me.. I damn sure wouldn’t solidify its existence by coming out and saying ‘yep, that’s me!’.

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