Is There a Shortage of Good Black Men?

A book by Aaron Anwar Smith

Aside from the  Babysitters Club Book #4 in the 2nd grade I have never so eagerly anticipated the release of a book.  If the title doesn’t grab you the artist book description sure will:

Is There a Shortage of Good Black Men? is a book created to empower African-American relationships. Within its contents, the book strongly supports the significance of reinforcing all associated truths and dispels every myth created against the unification of Black men and women. From historical facts rarely discussed within homes and social settings, to easy-to-use techniques and methods; the book brings direct attention to a wide variety of issues related to the idea of there being a shortage of good Black Men.

Is There a Shortage of Good Black Men? reinforces and teaches techniques that will bring success to women longing to build a supportive foundation in quality relationships with worthy and available Black men. The techniques will assist increase greater communication, encourage forgiveness, and establish trust; which inherently promote and reinforce the union between Black men and women.

With chapter titles like How to Find and Keep a Good Black Man, The Twelve Most Popular Myths About Black Men, and We Need Each Other-Issues Close to Home be sure that all of the ladies at Cocoa Chicks are checking our mailboxes for those advance copies.

Visit and you’ll get a sense of the passion the author feels about this topic.  You can also purchase 1st Edition online if you just can’t wait for the 2nd Edition to be released to a retailer near you.

Be sure this will not be the last you hear of Aaron Anwar Smith on this blog.


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