Pharm Whores and Their Pimps

medicine20logoI think I’ll attend the next town hall meeting on healthcare reform and start a riot.  I’m feeling rebellious today.  With all this talk about reform it makes me wonder will the issues of health be reformed?

All my life I’ve been healthy.  I can count how many times I’ve had ‘a cold’.  I’ve never had the flu.  I got the chicken pox as an adult and that was as major as it got.  Over the last year other issues have come about but last week I found out I had high blood pressure and this is why I’m writing this blog.  

High blood pressure has never been an issue and I have no family history of it.  I do not do a lot of things that contribute to high BP either.  My eating habits are not the greatest but I avoid most foods that are high in sodium and I never use table salt on ANYTHING. 

As I watched my PCP strap on the equipment and test me 3 times, the end result was 142/92.  Immediately I begin to panic because I’ve always been under 120/80.  I do think my doctor is a good doctor.  She has always been very thorough in explaining everything.  She takes great interest in the Residents that are learning under her. But in this Western civilization she, like most all other doctors do not talk about CURING the problem.  After she read the results the first thing she did was pull out a prescription tab and she wrote me a prescription for some pills that I should take everyday that would lower my BP.  Something came over me and I do not know why because this practice is the norm.  I’m use to doctors prescribing medicine as a first choice.  My head dropped and I asked “does ANYONE ever make a suggestion other than DRUGS?!?” pillsThe answer is no.  Why would they?  I have never seen such a bigger conflict of interest than what’s happening in this industry.  Board members of these pharmaceutical companies are also affiliated with the decision making behind the FDA and they’re on medical boards.  OF COURSE pumping pills would be the first option if they’re going to make money behind it!  OF COURSE pumping pills would be the first option if the medicine is not curing the issue but just making you feel better for the time being. 

My PCP never once mentioned eating more fruits and vegetables, lowering my salt or sodium intake nor did she mention exercising or weight management.  These are ALL very easy ways to combat blood pressure.  Instead, she pumped me a prescription and sent me on my way.  If I was like most Americans that do not think and just do what they’re told by their physicians, I would have been popping those pills like some skittles.  I probably would have continued my very low intake of fruits and vegetables.  I would have continued walking past the gym.  Then 2 months later when I stop taking the meds and my pressure goes right back up, I run back to my doctor and we go for round 2 of the same routine.

More is needed than just healthcare reform.  We need to reform how we eat.  We need to reform how our food is processed.  We need to reform how often we exercise.  We need to reform the Western way of teaching medicine.  We need to reform our views on natural cures and remedies.  One of my best friends saw a doctor who sign reads:  “If You Are Tired of Western Practices and You Want to Get Cured… Come See Me.”  Of course she had major out of pocket expenses but most of the issues she has been battling with her primary care physicians are almost gone since seeing this doctor. 

woman exercisingLast Wednesday my blood pressure was 142/92.  Today it’s 120/86.  I did my OWN research on how to lower BP.  I opted out of taking her prescription and decided to include fruits and vegetables everyday.  It’s not as much as it should be, but I’m getting there.  I still walked past my gym but this time it was with my sneakers on, Ipod in hand and a 30 minute destination.

One comment on “Pharm Whores and Their Pimps

  1. Hello, Your article was very interesting. I am glad that you did the research and lowered your BP on your own. I just wanted to inform you of an organic juice called LeVive that contains the 5 Superfruits (Noni, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomergranate, and Acai Berry). This juice is known to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels, neutralize free radicals, increase energy levels, and so much more.

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