Michael Vick Should Pay, Right?!

“He should pay for what he did to those poor dogs”, “he needs to show remorse for what he did to those poor dogs”, “he needs to make me feel like he’s truly sorry for what he did too those poor dogs”, “he should be in prison for the rest of his life for what he did too those poor dogs”, “what kind of man hangs an innocent dog?” “the Philadelphia Eagles should be ashamed for hiring a man that electrocuted and hung dogs”.

This Michael Vick case has a lot of Americans divided.  I truly appreciate how vocal everyone has been that thinks Vick did not serve enough time.  I mean, 2 years in prison is not nearly enough time for the heinous crimes of burning and hanging dogs, right? “What kind of man electrocutes and hangs a poor innocent dog?”  You are absolutely right!  What kind of man does that!  You are absolutely right that any man that takes part in an act like that should be in prison.  You are absolutely right that they should make the general public feel like they are truly sorry and remorseful for what they did!

People are vowing not to support him.  Fans of the Eagles are throwing away their jerseys now that Vick is apart of the team because ‘they will never support any institution that supports a man for electrocuting, burning and hanging innocent dogs.”  Remember, what kind of man electrocutes, burns and hangs a dog?

I wonder if you demand the same thing for these men below:

1930 Indiana

1936 Lint Shaw in Georgia

40 years ago

1977Please note the last 2 pictures were taken in the 50’s and 1977.  So we can’t even use the ‘oh slavery was 100 years ago we can’t pay for the crimes of our ancestors’ line.  We are only 30 + years removed from the HANGINGS of INNOCENT MEN.  The criminals in some of these pictures are STILL ALIVE.  Where is your outrage?  Where is your demand for an apology?  Where is the non-support of any institution that allowed the hanging and burning of these INNOCENT men? 

How come I don’t hear “what kind of man hangs and burns another man and takes a picture smiling with his child in his arms?”



13 comments on “Michael Vick Should Pay, Right?!

  1. Ally, i feel like i don’t understand what you want. you said he paid for his crime and that the amount of dog fighting has reduced and that so much good has come from him being used as the poster child for dog fighting. the dogs have already been spoken for by the criminal justice system Ally. You don’t need to speak for those specific dogs. you say he has paid his penance what then more do you want?

    it almost seems like you are saying that criminals that get away with their crime should live a better life than those that actually paid their due. it seems like you are saying the ones that don’t know any better get to just do what they want cause they don’t know any better. but for those of us that know right from wrong we should become a guilt slave hanging our heads never looking people in the eye again?

    what was weird was when you said dude didn’t need to be held accountable for killing his teammate because he was only driving drunk, how could he know that driving wasted comes with the risk of killing yourself and/or killing others. maybe had he hit a dear he would be held under the microscope.

    • Wait! I missed that! Ally, I know you didn’t that about driving drunk?!

      That sad thing is most people use that same argument that somehow vehicular homicide is just a ‘terrible accident’. NO IT IS NOT! You know what alcohol does. You know that drinking it causes a drastic change in your ability to think clearly or on the same level as if you had not been drinking. You make a CLEAR AND CONSCIOUS choice to drive somewhere and know you will drink and NOT have a plan to get home without getting behind the wheel! That is not a accident if you kill someone. That was a choice you made when you decided to drive AFTER drinking. When I go out by myself, I drink when I first walk in and do not drink for the rest of the evening OR I go with friends and I ALWAYS make sure one of us are not drinking.
      Donte Stallworth and that NHL player killed a freaking human being because they want to go drink and then drive. A life was lost because some idiot who knew the results of drinking, decided to drive. If you know that alcohol impairs you but you decide to RISK it and drive anyway, how are you not held accountable for that DECISION YOU MADE TO DRIVE AFTER DRINKING?!? OMG!

    • Come on, you think people who drink are rational enough to make the argument they should not drive? You are making rational arguments for a drunk ass? I am saying premeditation and consequences matter, not that it should not be punished. Did he say, I am going to drink and kill my friend. NO. Did Vick say I am gonna put this rope around the neck of a dog and kill him, YES. Thats a difference. If you really can’t see that, then I don’t think we can debate it.

      People have different opinions all the time. The reason for this post was comparing dogs killed and fought to people getting hung. Utterly and completely 2 different subject and nothing to do with one another. It’s ridiculous. I think its disgusting to rape or abuse women does that mean I should also be outraged about photos from 30+ years ago?? I think the people doing the horrendous crimes above should not be held accountable. Absolutely not! I am saying your comparison does not make sense outrage about a admitted abuser vs. people not admitting that. Hanging people and the sport of dog fights are NOT comparable. Its apple and oranges. One thing and the other having NOTHING AT ALL to do with one another, no matter how much outrage it causes you about history, this is the PRESENT and being compared does not give the right message.

      and YES Vick should continue to be the poster child for dog fighting since its already made an impact and knows he can make a difference doing that. Lots of people change professions once they see the light, as he is claiming…

      • I’M TALKING ABOUT BEFOOOOOORRREEE YOU DRINK! YOu know BEFORE you go out that drinking makes you incapable of making the same SOUND decisions you would make BEFOOOOORRREEEEE you take your first drink. PERIOD. I do not go drinking if I know i’m going BY MYSELF. I do not go drinking if I do not have one of my homies as a designated driver. So the fact that ou CHANCE that then that’s not an accident! YOU made the decision to go drinking without having a plan to get home. We’re all adults. We know right from wrong. We know the effects of alcohol. And if we say to ourselves ‘i’m going to hang at the bar/club tonight’ with the intent of having fun and drinking and do not plan to get home safely you are chancing it.. that’s a choice YOU made. You risked possibly driving home after drinking.. if you kill someone during that time, that’s not an accident! Of course you’re not saying ‘I intend to kill someone drunk driving’ but when you decided to chance it that’s what you basically said. I don’t know why people think drunk driving is all accidental. NO! Stop making excuses people!

  2. I think he would do more good and more prove that you can get over being a horrible person and change your life and reintegrate into society if he used his celebrity for good and shows society people CAN be rehabbed. That people do make mistakes and can realize they made that mistake and stand up and talk about it, like he is doing. It may help people in the long run.

    And I do think about all animals, this was not discussing those aspects but will gladly if you would like. Although cock fighting is also illegal, zoo’s are not. Zoos do not place animals in a ring to kill each other. They place them in a ring and feed them and take care of them. Also, most Zoo’s are mostly filled with animals that were born in zoos and can not be placed in the wild for risk of not being able to fend for themselves anymore. HUGE difference. If I believe in something or think its wrong as I do Dog fighting, I will speak my opinion for anyone or anything that is unable to speak and defend themselves.

  3. That’s a good topic and point Ally…criminals re-entering society. But is it Vicks fault that society made it that criminals shouldn’t be allowed to go to work? Techinically the point of prison was to ‘rehabilitate’ and help them return back to society. Because WE decided that they were not good enough for society or for our jobs, WE took it upon ourselves to cast them out of society… that’s not Vick’s fault that the NFL and the Eagles gave a man a 2nd chance like they were supposed to because the man paid for their crime. I bet if society stopped treating a bulk of them like they are unworthy of a 2nd chance or that they are NOTHING but criminals, we probably would not have the amount of re-offenders.

    But I question how come we’re not going after cock fighters? Or zoo’s and circus’s? Zoo’s are very cruel..they take a wild animal out of his natural habitat, cage them for entertainment and then when the animal attacks, he gets killed. Or horse racers. The horse was not built to for that activity. We race them at speeds with a man on top of them and then when they break their leg, which they probably would not have broke if they were moving in their natural everyday speed of walking, grazing, trotting, and maybe galloping, they have to be killed.
    I think it’s just hypocritical to only fight for one kind of animal.

  4. Wait, I feel he should be able to go on with his life, he served his time but why should he go out and get his job back when thousands of other people who serve time are not allowed back in their jobs?? Or other people convicted are looked at by society as non productive individuals who will never change. He did his crime and he did his time. Get over it? No one ever gets over it. Why compare two illegal acts (32 years ago it was illegal) with different outcomes? One outcome putting the admitted offender in jail as punishment and the other going about their lives and never being held accountable for the horror and pain caused and the pain the families have watching the racist go free? Thats what I was meaning you can not compare them because one got away with the crimes and the other did not. Vick did the time for the crime, he should continue to be out in public as he has been and use his celebrity to help people understand how wrong it was to do what he did. How he is now beliveing in God and knows how wrong of him it was to do what he did and support anything to do with dog fighting. He realizes it himself, and has said he disgusts himself with how he used to behave. He should continue to show what bad happens when you do disgusting things to anything that can’t speak for themselves. YES, he did his time, but he could do so much more good trying to educate people about it. I think it gives kids the wrong message to be put on TV with other players kids look up to and glorify. Dog fighting has gone down and NUMEROUS rings broken up since his arrest, more than ever before in history of fighting. Thats HUGE and thanks to him being put out in the spotlight and speaking about how bad and wrong it is. I dont think anyone in those pictures 32 years ago is saying how wrong and dispicable they behaved, do you? None of them felt they should go to jail, where Michael Vick though he SHOULD because what he did was wrong!

    As far as other professional people who play the game, why would NHL hold Healey responsible for killing his TEAMMATE driving drunk?? Did Healey say ‘hmmm let me get wasted and then drive my boy home and kill him tonight!!” He choose to drink too much, but did he know that if he drove he would kill his teammate? No way! He mad bad call one night and made a mistake he will pay for the rest of his life making. Michael Vick KNEW what he was doing each and every time he hanged and electrocuted and put those dogs in a pen to kill each other or paid people to do it for him. He KNEW what he was doing (admitting its been happening since he was 8 years old) and was taught to think it was OK. It is NOT OK in either instance your presenting. both are wrong, correct? That’s why its different that a drunk driving accident or other non premeditated crimes. Michael Vick now KNOWS its not OK and it speaking out about it, and should continue to do so, not go toss a ball on TV a few months a year and make millions.

  5. The people who I’ve heard say they are no longer fans of the Eagles because they will not support any institution that would support a man who committed such heinous crimes. You don’t see the hypocrisy in that statement? There are so many companies that are KNOWN for bank rolling the Holocaust and slavery that most of us still frequent and do business with. THEY ARE ALL A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES! The minute their son goes off and kills someone driving drunk, they want redemption and forgiveness. The minute some women kills her husband, they want forgiveness and redemption. The minute one of our loved ones does something wrong we’re right there supporting them and asking for society to give them a second chance. Now all of a sudden its an issue with Vick.
    Were any of these people demanding that the NHL hold Healey responsible for killing his TEAMMATE driving drunk?!? NOPE. The man wasn’t suspended A SINGLE GAME. Where was the outrage for that man’s life? THEY’RE ALL A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES. The man has paid for his crimes, PERIOD.

  6. Ally, you don’t get it. Let’s clear up the facts. First, these pictures are NOT during slavery (I wish everyone would let that go but you can’t because taht makes you feel better if you think the atrocities happened 100 years ago) They were all taken from 1940-1977. That’s just 32 years plus ago.
    Secondly, this is another thing you should research, almost ALL people brought to trial for lynchings POST slavery up to the Civil Rights movement were not punished for their crimes so YES families of the victims watched the killer of their son work, make money, drive the buses they rode to and from work, and even police the city they lived in. Most family members of lynched victims did not need a eye witness because it was orchestrated by the local police and their henchmen, i.e. I never met my grandfather because he was dragged out a court house in front of police and judges because he ‘looked at someone funny’. My grandmother never seen him again that day but she saw the men who dragged him out EVERYDAY.
    Thirdly, this post is about the HYPOCRISY. How can you demand that he apologizes, demand that he makes you feel that he’s remorseful, demand that you feel better for what he did but when blacks were asking for the same thing for their lynched family members it was ‘get over it’ or ‘that was in the slavery days.’ How come these same people demanding that he be remorseful arent’ demanding that the culprits in these pics are remorseful. The comparison is the hypocrisy..not the crime. The comparison is the hypocrisy..not the sentence he received. The comparison is right now these people are filled with the same amount of passion to see justice for the death of dogs and when the family members wanted the guys in these picturs under their son held responsible it was ‘your sensitive, it happened 40 years ago’.

    Also, what do you mean when you say ‘he’s on tv making money’. So you don’t believe that a person who committs a crime should be allowed to work again? Or just Vick shouldn’t work again? Or people who kill dogs shouldnt’ work again? I bet you think its ok for Donte STallworth to return back to work one day, don’t you? He kills a human driving under the influence..I bet you think the loss of that human life is worst than a dogs, correct?
    So if the issue is he’s back making money, then you believe there’s no point in the justice system? ONce they’re released from prison they should not be able to become a productive citizen or atleast try?

  7. Vick admitted he participated in the crimes, he did NOT just bank roll them. He was punished for what he did, unlike the people in the pictures. How can you compare them if one was punished and the others not? Slavery and dog fighting have nothing to do with one another. And I don’t think the families of the people hanged are forced to watch the hangers on TV and make tons of money.

  8. I think that Michael Vick has served his time and should be left alone. Donte Stallworth was charged with a DUI vehicular manslaugher…HE KILLED A PERSON and I believe he was sentenced to one month in jail and served 18 days and the rest on house arrest…I don’t see the justice in that. Not to mention Vick served in Leavenworth maximum security prision…give me a break and let the brother live.

  9. i love it when people say we cannot judge another when there is an entire branch of your government dedicated to just that.

    also, can we keep it mentioned that he did not do any of the things he is accused of. he bank rolled the crimes, not participated in them.

    he doesn’t need to apologize to anyone because he went to jail. period. he served his time and got out. its over, its done. shut the hell up about it.

    these people make me hate dogs and i am an animal lover. they make me wanna go out and shot someone else’s dog. they make we wanna buy a puppy and drag it down the street on its head, thats how pissed off this whole topic makes me.

    shut the hell up about some effing dogs.

    the same outrage needs to go for abused women, raped women, molested children, victimized men.

    the maximum jail time for rape and molestation is 18 months. SHUT UP ABOUT SOME FUCKING DOGS!!!!

    you want justice? start with people. you wanna live in a society where people are not mistreating animals, start treating people well and then you’ll see less anger and frustration in general.

    what pisses me the most is vick listening to his haters and responding to him. fuck em. you have a job, do it. if the fans don’t wanna come to the games, fuck em. i bet when he starts playing and showing his skill they will forget all about them damn poor dogs and get their assess back in them cold uncomfortable seats and be cheering and yelling.

    whatever happen to let your haters be your motivators????

  10. Mr. Vick has served his time and he doesnt have to answer to anyone but GOD. Why do we feel we have to be the judge? Judge not less ye be judged!!!! Such hypocrits!!!

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