Marriage eludes high-achieving black women

Ladies Please read this article and give me your thoughts.

Let’s debate this one!


3 comments on “Marriage eludes high-achieving black women

  1. Hi Angie,

    I wish I would have gotten back here sooner after you responded, but you hit some crucial points as well. I have several friends, including myself, with the so-called “blue collar” KINGS–and yes, they are KINGS who love and respect the women who help them do what they do best.

    Another funny thing about it is that many of the “white” collar men that some of my friends date/married–who are good men, but not necessarily at the top of the ladder in their corporations–do not make as much money as the blue collar KINGS building their own blue collar corporations!

    Lets Keep the faith together, Angie. Maybe, just maybe, one day our faith will catch on like an epidemic and our single male and female friends alike will start to see the “shine” in everyone they come across so they are better able to determine that “REAL” and deserving individual when they cross paths vs deselecting someone immediately because is not their “idea” of what/who their life partner is.

  2. I remain optimistic in spite of all of the studies that continue to report that the chances of educated women, especially black women, are having less and less a chance of being married and having a family. I am a married woman and in recent discussions with other married friends and associates–we agree the problem lies in the fact that educated black men may be gay or quicker to marry outside of their race and or that the ratio of women to men is completely out of proportion, but in addition to that, both the single men and women themselves share some responsibility to these problems.

    First off, we must recognize the fact that finding Mr. Right or Mrs. Right does not equal finding Mr. Perfect or Mrs. Perfect. You have your flaws so why expect someone else to be perfect? Just because we have flaws and imperfections does not mean that we are not diamonds. Our positives should always outweight our negatives. We should not see it as a “weakness” to serve our partners and to do the things are are required to make someone feel or know that you truly care about them. It is also important to recognize that the differences are what make all of us beautiful and make us click.

    Ladies, find out what your man wants (a back rub, or home cooked meals, talking during sex (:) LOL)–Fellas, you’re not a punk if you decide that your lady is doing her thing as an independant woman and you show how much you care by assisting her financially. When in a committed relationship you are there to take are of one another-but the care must be spiriutual, mental & emotional. Lacking in just one area leads to the break down in a relationships.

    A wise woman once told me that, Love & Care is about reciprocation, but sometimes you have to give in order to get…


      I have to be honest and some people think I have a ‘conspiracy theorist’ way of thinking. Personally, I think alot of these reports are ways for us to lose hope, have no faith in our counterparts, to think negatively about our future and our lives. I also think that society has convinced alot of black women that there is absolutely no need for the black man in the household and that all black men are either gay, married or in prison. Why else do they keep eluding ‘well the higher you get up the corporate ladder, the fewer black men you will see’ as if only black men on top of that ladder are good enough? Why else do they promote and we except this ‘I don’t need a man’ mentality? There is nothing wrong with wanting your mate to be educated. I get that. But there are women walking by Kings everyday in blue collars.

      I do not think it’s a coincidence that there are more black men in prison than there are in college. That is something systematic. Of course something like this will keep the black family unit from actually being a unit.

      But we have to stop thinking that black men are only good catches when they’ve received there PhD or when they are climbing that ladder with us.

      I’m very optimistic about black marriage.

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