Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

tiny-and-tiHow cruel is it that someone from T.I.’s camp would release a song about his child support case with his other kids. Supposedly T.I.’s whole focus right now is to be about doing the right thing. Has he given any thought about what this diss record would do to his children, his son’s mother, and his current wifee.

Everyone’s life could be a woulda, shoulda, coulda, but we move forward and don’t look back. For whatever reason you all didn’t work out and broke up. Since there are kids involved it should make both parties look past what has been said or done and focus on making sure the kids are okay. Yes, she already knows she missed out on the “jackpot”, by you making it big after her. She probably thinks about it everyday as she struggles to raise your sons to be mature responsible adults. For your current wifee, Tiny, is that fair for her that you still harbor some resentment towards your son’s mother. Hopefully she is secure enough to not let this bother her.

Bottom line, no matter how you feel about your ex-wife, ex-husband, baby’s mama or baby’s daddy, your kids should not be put in the middle of it. This diss record is going to hurt his children more than anything… TI has a lot to do to show me that he has change. The reality shows, the community service, and being the family man all goes down the drain with this diss record.


3 comments on “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

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  2. Our blogger DeeDee heard the song on something underground and I’m still waiting to hear it!

    I think Dee’s angle was the fact that he made the song. I’m going to assume that he gave the o.k. to ‘leak’ it.

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