Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season Two

kandiburruss_lSo I convinced myself to watch RHOA for the sake of blogging and reviewing and to my surprise, I didn’t feel the need to walk out into traffic to commit suicide.  Of course it was the typical rhetoric of all the Real Housewives: gossiping, bickering, reliving the past, chicks that are border line has-beens thinking they’re hot, etc etc ect. 

We find out that Kim is no longer with the married man, Big Poppa.  Has it been confirmed he’s married? No, but all the signs of a married man were there.  There’s Kandi, the new housewife and former member of one of the most popular girl groups back in the day.  Sheree’s divorce is final and it does not look like she got those 7 figures she talked about all last season.  Lisa is just kinda there for no reason.  Then there’s NeNe, my favorite housewife.  She’s still NeNe and that’s what I like about her.  

Even with the cattyness and a housewife almost getting beat up by a gay male party planner (Anthony) which totally pissed me off because this man claims to be an executive at some company and he treats his clients like shit, there were still moments of clarity, maturity and some smarts from these girls.  Nene and Sheree, like ADULTS, discuss their problems and decide to leave the past in the past and Kandi, although she’s about to marry a dude with SIX DAMN KIDS, she has a good head on her shoulders.  Instead of bragging and boasting about how many cars she owns, she actually speaks of investing for the future.  This is a woman who has written #1 songs for the past 10+ years and she lives in a modest home that she’s had for years instead of upgrading to the mansion that most stars can’t afford.

Overall, this season two opener was nothing to write home about but I’m bias because I absolutely hate reality tv.  Hopefully my Cocoa Chick cohorts will tune in the rest of the season and keep me abreast of what’s happening. *yawn* 

The series’ first season was the second highest rated Real Housewives season ever, behind only season 3 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  It averaged 1.3 million viewers per episode and scored the highest rated Real Housewives franchise telecast ever, with 2.2 million viewers.  Let’s see if they do it again.


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