Real Housewives of Atlanta: Anthony Shorter the REAL housewife!

I gave my review on the Season Two opener but felt the need to express my disgust about the unprofessionalism given by a party planner hired by Sheree to plan a party for her.  Mr. Anthony Shorter (didn’t catch the name of his company) apparently didn’t like being questioned by a client.  Sheree calls him to ask how things were coming along and he immediately went into attack mode and HANGS UP ON HER!  The entire time he was on his gay rant, she was very calm and professional, which is rare coming from Sheree.  Even after he hangs up on her, Sheree remained a lady.  I on the other hand was ready to call him back for her and promptly begin cussing his ass out.

Oh but it gets better!  Later in the episode she goes to meet this punk. She’s still handling him in a professional manner.  Then the incident on the phone was brought up and he immediately gets into ‘my-gay-alter-ego-Sheneneh’ role.  I have to admit, Sheree might be a better woman than me because it took her a while to get unprofessional. He’s cussing at her, sticking his finger in her face, name calling and then the ultimate punk move: threatens physical violence on her!  YES I SAID IT!  This man was about to hit her!  I sat there in disbelief!  I could not believe I watched an ‘executive’ on national TV a) act like a ignorant unprofessional bastard b) cuss out a client and c) get to a point of almost hitting a woman. 

Here’s what he had to say to

Hi Sandra,
I am reaching out trying to get the facts straight. First, I am not GAY! Married with children, and love P*SSY.

Second, I was never hired by Sheree or Bravo to do a party. This event was for the Atlanta Music Festival, and the producer’s ask me to modify the event to be included in an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, entitled Sheree’s Divorce Party.

I also consider myself to be a professional with a long standing resume. But, unless you have work with Sheree or had any dealings with her you wouldn’t understand, where I am coming from.

Thank you,

First of all, the fact that he felt his sexuality needed to be addressed FIRST by claiming stakes of loving p*ssy, proves everyone’s doubt about his sexual orientation.  LOL!   Dude, you’re not the only gay man married with children so PUH-LEASE! 

Secondly, and MOST importantly, regardless of who hired you or how difficult a client is YOU ARE THE BUSINESS!  I don’t care if Sheree came in there and pissed in a corner, the client is still to be treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism!  This man even stooped as low by calling her momma a bitch.  WTF?!?!? 

His example of professionalism promotes exactly the stereotype that’s plaguing black businesses.  That they don’t produce good work and that they are all unprofessional.  I was embarrassed and disgusted by his act of bafoonery.  But I’m even more so offended and disgusted that this grown man was about to jump on a woman.  I look forward to seeing this man go out of business.  I also look forward to seeing how the Atlanta Music Festival handles this situation since above he mentions that he was hired by them and not Sheree or BravoTV.

So Mr. Shorter, if you’re punk ass is out there, I know you may think you’re a woman so the fight would have been up and up, BUT YOU’RE NOT.  I know you may think you’re a professional as you stated above, BUT YOU’RE NOT.  You’re an ignorant, improper, lax, unfitting, unsuitable, unethical, unworthy, dubious punk in an overpriced suit with an ephemeral future.  Do all the businesses a favor and go walk into traffic!


8 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Anthony Shorter the REAL housewife!

  1. I seriously cannot believe that someone would talk to their clients that way. The fact is that he sealed his own fate…I can’t imagine that anyone in their right mind would hire this fool after watching that episode. Thanks for sharing

  2. DANG!!! I just watch the first episode of Season 2 and couldn’t wait to see the exchange with Anthony and Sheree.

    It was horrible to see the exchange on national television. We as black folks have been sterotype of being unprofessional. That wasn’t cool.

    Now, as for Anthony if he wasn’t happy with Sheree he could have removed himself and had his assistant work with Sheree if he wanted the business or just got rid of her as a client. However, he decided to be a “punk.” Shame on him. He showed his “true” self; as an unprofessional business man. It will be hard for him to recover.

    The lesson here is for every reaction there is a consequence.

  3. This guy has classic gender orientation issues. He reminded me of a Diva that was not going to let anyone upstage her… ahem.. him. He created a situation that wasn’t there. I’m sorry that I am succumbing to the overall consensus that he is gay. But c’mon y’all.. The dude is FLAMING and he thought he was going to be more of a chick than she already is. What he accomplished was further cultivating a negative stereotype of how we treat our own and how we do business.

  4. Thank you for your clarification. And I completely agree with you that there is a professional way to say “This isn’t going to work” to a customer. No matter how it’s looked at he was WAY out of control. I just want to see the uncut tape to see exactly how things progressed from point A to point F!

    (and I see a typo in my original post. *your rather than “you’re” in the final sentence. most people prob don’t care, but it’s buggin me.)

  5. I agree with your comment. The party planner was waaaay out of line and disgusting. Being gay or even making a comment about it had nothing to do with the fact he acted ignorant but it was relevant to why he acted the way he did. Most men do not fly off the handle as a he did if he didnt have some underlining image control. Its seems to me he wanted to have his shine and he wasnt going to let Sheree upstage him in “his” moment and he lost control when he thought he was losing his moment. Every log, radio station, and tv show, he has called in today he still showed lack of remorse for his attitude and lack of professionalism and character. As he was concerned about was hearing his side and knowing the fact he was not gay. He also pointed out he used the p word for a dramactic affect. Who does that. Not a professional. A class act professional would be so embarrased if it ever even went as far as it did. Thats my opinion. Please folks dont take everything so personal when your character is not even close the the person on blast. They put themselves there being disrespectful so they deserve the backlash. I hope he never gets to treat another client like that again.

  6. But on another note, you mention we haven’t seen the editing and Sheree is a trip. Does that really matter in the business world? Sheree could of walked in there and went ape, she is still the customer and he is still the professional. No matter how bad we hate the phrase ‘a customer is always right’, even when they’re wrong business owners still need to treat them like a customer. Say she did go in there all ‘Sheree’ on him he could have professionally said ‘you know what, I’m sorry but this isn’t going to work. I will not conduct business with you. Here’s your money back. Take care.’

  7. First let me say that my intentions were not to offend my gay brothers and sisters. So to the readers of this blog that were offended, I do apologize. But one thing I’m not is a homophobic.

    All morning before this post, Mr. Shorter felt the need to bring up his sexuality IN EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW I heard or read without whoever he was talking to ever mentioning it so since it was so important for him to defend that first, it was a part of the blog. He kept on bringing up his sexuality so I stated what I thought.

    I’m homophobic because I think he’s gay? I’m confused. Ooohhh, is it because I used the word punk? If that’s the case, then you’re getting it wrong. He’s a punk because he’s arguing with a woman on the verge of hitting her. That’s what a ‘punk’ has been used for in my community FOREVER -a weak example of a man, someone who can’t fight or a man who fights a woman. Straight, gay, tall, short, black, white.. all can be punks. In this blog ‘punk’ is not synonomous with gay.
    Mr. Shorter presented himself exactly how alot of gay men are stereotyped. Is it right? Of course not. What stereotype is?
    As I re-read my post I guess ‘gay rant’ is a cheap shot…. you’re right.

    Outside of mentioning he was gay, the issue still stands about his unprofessionalism. I don’t think I’m any less credible for mentioning my other opinions about him. If he was short, then I would of said ‘that short punk bastard’. In this example, you could say his height has nothing to do with his lack of professionalism just like you say his sexuality has nothing to do with it. Does that mean I have an issue with short people? No.

  8. Cocoa, Sandra, or whoever,

    I’m so disappointed in this review. I was ON BOARD WITH YOU! I completely agree that Anthony’s interaction with Sheree was unprofessional. Of course, I am still curious to see what the ENTIRE exchange looked like without the Bravo cuts and edits. I’m just saying! Sheree can be a T-R-I-P and it is TV! Nevertheless, a professional can respectfully disagree with and even dismiss a client without EVER taking it to a place where they are cussing each other + family members (WTF?!) out.

    However, the pervasive homophobic language in your piece is soooooooo disgusting, it completely eradicated the idea that you had any bit of sense quickly from my mind. *big sigh* Too bad.

    What does his sexual orientation have to do with ANYTHING?! Ridiculous. You’re cheap shots reflect poorly on your credibility.

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