Reggie and the Bush Split?

kimkardashian_reggiebushOk, so a long-time schoolmate, turned blogger friend, now turned enemy because she’s claiming dibs on my man, has informed me through her blog that my boyfriend Reggie Bush finally left that skank, Kim. THANK GOD! I was so tired of the overrated inflated ass shots.

Plus, who really thought their relationship would last? If a guy sees a woman on tape having sex with her boyfriend and then goes up to her boyfriend and says “I’m a fan.  I saw your work on that tape” and gives him some dap and a hug, does he really think she’s wifey material?  Six months later that same guy who approached her boyfriend is now the new boyfriend.  GIVE ME A BREAK! His only intentions was to make more tapes with her.

Next on the menu: Reggie and Cocoa Chicks wedding. I’ll keep you posted! 😉   Look how fine my man is!  YUMMY!

reggie bush


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