The Crackberry Challenge

8900_device_featuresWe live in the age of electronics.  Technology has completely taken over human contact.  We rather update our status on Facebook, twit, get in the space of our friends on Myspace and text than pick up the phone and actually TALK.  The chirp of our phone letting us know that someone has posted a comment on Facebook has replaced hearing our friends voice.  We rather listen to our Ipod than read a book or spark a convo with the person sitting next to us on the train.  When did it get this way?

Years ago, once you left the house no one was able to contact you and you were CONTENT.  It wasn’t a big deal.  Last week I left my phone at home and thought I was going to DIE.  I felt so lost, abused, neglected, traumatized..all those kind of words.  It felt like I had no contact with the outside world and couldn’t function.  The Crack, I mean the Blackberry had complete control over me and nooooooooooooooo one has control over this Cocoa Chick.  So I’m putting myself to the ultimate test: 30 days without my Blackberry!

World, starting August 1, 2009 I will attempt to go 30 days without the advancements of technology.  NO BLACKBERRY!  No instant access to all my emails, Facebook, Twitter or the addicting Blackberry Instant Messenger that allows me to chat with any Blackberry user in the world no matter what service they use.  I’m giving it all up! 

I’ll keep you posted!


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