Challengers, Camaros and Mustangs OH MY!

Let’s face it, we just can’t compete with foreign cars.  From design, to inception to completion, the foreign car are some of the hottest cars on the road.  We haven’t seen a HOT American car in a long time.  Actually, I take that back.  The Cadillac has a coupe that’s RIDICULOUS.cadillac-0012Remember how our fathers gloated about that ’67 Mustang or that ’68 Camaro as if he was the coolest cat on the block?  How he spent hours on top of hours re-shining that perfect paint job and those perfect rims?  Mom couldn’t get him out the garage on Sunday if her life depended on it.  Our generation can now know how dad felt because those cars of yesteryear are back!  The 2009 Dodge Challenger, 2010 Chevy Camaro and the concept car for the new Ford Mustang are like the hits a crackhead feins for. 

At the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, retro is all the rage.  The world saw two concept cars that took people by storm.  Although they were both shown, the Dodge Challenger beats the Chevy Camaro to production by a year. 

Inspired by the 1970s original, the Dodge Challenger is a retro coupe, with bucket seats, SRT8 and RT and SE models, 18-inch aluminum wheels and all the other healthy doses of retro style.  Unfortunately, the interior is not as exciting but its doable.


My boyfriend was at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show and fell in love with the Camaro.  Then the rest of the world saw ‘Bumblebee’ in the 2007 Transformers action movie directed by Michael Bay.   GM announced the 2010 Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition and the streets have been buzzing since.  This powerful V6, with Bluetooth connectivity, XM Satellite Radio and 304 horsepower LT model or a 426 horsepower SS model, IS A BEAST!



Then someone sent me a picture of the new Ford Mustang…..curtains!



Styling trends come and go, but retro will always stay forever.

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