Kelis Milkshake Brings Nas To The Bank

nas and kelisNewly divorce Kelis and Nas give birth to their first child Wednesday night.  A healthy boy named Knight.  With claims of Nas leaving her ‘high and dry’ during her pregnancy, he was there for the birth of baby Knight.   What he will not leave her high and dry for: spousal and child support.  Hours before Knight was born, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered Nasir Jones to pay Kelis $44,000 a month until September 8, 2009.   On top of that $44k, he must also pay an additional $40,000+ for Kelis’ attorney fees and forensic accountant.  Kelis claims Nas ‘abandoned’ her during her pregnancy.  Nas is saying he gave her $30,000 for maintaining her health insurance costs.  

That’s some expensive ass milkshake!

3 comments on “Kelis Milkshake Brings Nas To The Bank

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  2. I have mixed view about this matter. While I do agree that she should be able to maintain a quality of living comparable to that of what she was used to, I don’t know that $44K monthly is truly justified. Wow! I don’t necessarily feel sorry for Nas but I don’t think it’s justified to break his bank. It seems more vindictive than just.

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