Bald Bombshells – Chicks Who Don’t Need Hair

All my life I had hair.  But for a long time my mother would not allow me to cut it.  Once I cut my hair without permission and she  put me on punishment and called my stylist and scolded her for cutting ‘my long beautiful hair.”  That wasn’t the first time I realized length of hair was strangely important to people.

I recently read 2 blogs that talked about a couple of celebrities who shaved their heads or part of their heads.  It brought back some memories of how having long hair was seen as a ‘plus’ and how irritated that made me.  I remember sitting in salons and people asking me why am I cutting my hair like I was committing the cardinal sin.  I remember comments from men, “wow, you’re beautiful for someone with short hair.”

There is a negative stigma towards women who do not have long hair.  Hair is so closely related to sexuality some beautiful women have been dismissed by men solely because of a short ‘do.’

Hair is not a prerequisite for beauty.  And just in case you thought it was, me and my bald bombshells are hair to set the record straight!

charlene 2

Charlene 1

charlene 3





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