Race Relations Professor Gets Racially Profiled?

Dr. Henry Louis Gates has taught at some of the finest institutions in our country.  From Yale to Cornell to Duke and finally Harvard University.  He’s currently Director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research but he has spent most of his life studying and teaching about race.

Apparently his neighbor calls the police to tell them that two black men are breaking into a home.  This is where the story gets fishy.  If you’ve seen Dr. Gates on TV he has a distinct shape, limp when he walks and he’s kinda feeble looking.  I do not believe his neighbor couldn’t tell it was him trying to get through his front door that was stuck.  The story becomes even more fishy once the police arrive.  Cambridge is a small town.  I do not believe these cops didn’t know who Dr. Gates was.  They know the house is property of Harvard University and they know Harvard has a nationally known black professor.  But that’s just my opinion.  Let’s talk about the issue at hand.

The consideration of race when developing a profile of suspected criminals or police focus on people of certain racial groups when seeking suspected criminals, is racism at its finest. 

Was he or was he not profiled?  The cops answer to a report of a break-in by two black men, they get to the house and Dr. Gates answers the door.  Would a robber answer the door at the time of a break in?  When Dr. Gates was asked to show ID, he declined.  He gave them his name and occupation and explained to the cops that his door was stuck and he was merely just trying to force it open.  Was this not sufficient enough of information?  You know the house is owned by Harvard and the man inside has stated he’s a Harvard professor.  He has every right to be upset about being questioned in his own home about being a criminal.  Dr. Gates asks for the cops name and badge number, which by law you have a right to request and get, the cop tells him ‘no’.  Dr. Gates calls him a ‘racist’ and that’s where all hell breaks loose.

There is a problem if cops are arresting people for expressing their opinion.  Dr. Gates does not believe he would have experienced this ordeal if he was white and statistically, he is right.  This is not a issue of opinion.  Black men are systematically targeted by searches, stops and humiliation by the cops just because.  They rely on unsubstantiated hunches and suspicion and that explains why 70% of traffic stops on I-95 are of black motorist when they only comprise 17% of the traffic. 

Let’s just admit it.  Race is STILL an issue.

2 comments on “Race Relations Professor Gets Racially Profiled?

  1. That’s #1 Lechelle! lol
    #2 Who wouldn’t be upset about being questioned in your own home about breaking in?
    #3 Since when did calling a cop a racist or being upset about a situation equals ‘disorderly conduct’ on your own damn property?
    #4 Once he finally did show his ID, why was the cop around long enough to even get into it with Dr. Gates? You know why? Because most cops are cocky arrogant pricks. He knew Dr. Gates was upset so instead of difussing the situation when he was asked for his name and badge #, he tells Dr. Gates no. He knew telling him no would upset him. Why not try to diffuse the situation and give him his name and badge # and say ‘have a good day’.

    I watched a group of cops arrest a man in a mall. They had the man on the ground. During the struggle to arrest him the suspect says to one of the cops ‘you do not need to kick me.’ I didn’t see the kick because it was too much commotion so I can’t say wether it happened or not. When they got the man up from the ground, he turns to the cop again and says ‘you kicked me.. what the f*&k is your problem?’ Instead of this cop walking away to diffuse the situation he begins antagonizing him. He’s get’s in the suspect’s face, bumps chests with him and says ‘so what? What the F*(& are you going to do? What the F are you going to do??’ He’s laughing at him, making comments, every few minutes he gets back in his face. I watched the entire capture and arrest and heard everything. The suspect was furious and was just staring at him silently at this time. This cop keeps it going! “What the f*&k are you looking at?? What you going to do??” There were 4 other cops in this arrest and not one said or did anything with this other cop. Not one thought enough to pull him aside and take him out the picture to diffuse the situation. It was crazy.

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