Where’s The Buzz For Ben?

BenPittsburgh Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is charged with sexual assault and we barely hear a word.  Regardless of how shady the facts may sound: 1) alleged assault happened over a year ago; 2) the absence of any criminal complaint or investigation; and 3) the timing of lawsuit, the fact still remains someone is accusing him of assault.

I’m actually totally against how the media takes a story and runs with it.  I hate how they persecute through their vessel called ‘journalism’.  But if you do it for one, you should do it for all.  They make sure certain athletes images are tainted and others are protected.  When Kobe was accused of rape he was treated like a guilty assailant before the ink dried on the ‘victim’s’ police report.  Even when they found sperm from ANOTHER man on her panties, the media still treated him like the Boston damn Strangler. 

I typically hate using the ‘race card’ as most of you describe it (whatever the hell that means), but if this was Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan Mcnabb, how would this story been aired?  SMH.


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