Jilted Bride Speaks Out

kesha-nichols--large-msg-116849582569After weeks of tabloids, blogs, speculations and rumors about Kesha Nichols being left at the altar she finally speaks out today on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer.  Surprisingly, she looked confident and comfortable talking about her fiance dumping her by email just a few days before the big day.

Do I buy it?  Not really.  But her side of the story was very interesting.  She admits that their 5 year relationship was tumultuous.  Filled with constant break ups and discourse.  She admits the weekend before the wedding, they broke up again, got back together and had a talk about their reservations about getting married.  She also denies being dumped by email but refers to it as “confirming what we already talked about”.  To me that still sounds like he cancelled the wedding via email.

Kesha appeared bubbly and in good spirit but I couldn’t tell how much of it was a front.  She talked about the career she gave up giving her all into her relationship with a NBA star, the numerous opportunities she turned down and the amount of money she invested in the relationship.  She experienced humiliation in front of the world but claims to not be mad at Richard and that “there are no hard feelings”.  That he “verbalized what they both knew.”  

But she did have a positive message to us ladies,  “That’s my philosophy, just keep dancing for life…Just keep picking up the pieces and keep going.”

What do you think about giving up your career?  Do you think its a good idea for women who marry a rich man, to give up their dreams?


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