Divas Dating Guide

Alright ladies.  There has been lots of talk about how bad the dating scene is.  I hear the quality is bad.  The quantity is bad.  I hear statements such as ‘they’re either married, gay or in jail.”   A lot of you are just down right disappointed with your dating life.  Especially here in Atlanta where there’s talk of a 17:1 women to men ratio.

I want to help our single sisters out.  Here are a few things we think can turn your dormant dating life into an active one.

  1. Go where the men go! Women have responded negatively to this suggestion.  Some have said that it sounds ‘desperate’.  No, that’s not desperate, that’s proactive.  You can’t complain about being single if you stay in your home everyday or if you go to ‘women only’ events.   Suggestions:  Car and Bike shows, sports bars, football games.
  2. Always look your best (you should be doing this for yourself anyways). Men are visual beings.  If you’re walking around looking like his tomboy baby sister, you will not catch his eye.  Some of you think naked is synonymous with looking your best or even sexy.  THAT IS NOT TRUE!  A women can be in a bad ass tailored suit and be the sexiest person in the room.
  3. HEELS!  HEELS!  HEELS! Stilettos at all times.  Period.  There is a clear difference in what kind of men approach you when you have sneakers or flats on versus stilettos.  Again, men are visuals and there is nothing sexier than a chick in stilettos.
  4. Be pleasant. We tend to shut men out before anything is said.  When you walk in a room you should be smiling and speaking.  It’s not going to kill you to say “hello”.  Although they may never admit this, but men get intimidated easy.  Help them break the ice by being approachable.
  5. Dance when asked. If you’re at a night club and the ugly duckling asks you to dance, you should say yes.  Stop acting like he asked for your hand in marriage.  Other men are paying attention to this.  When you’re done, say thank you with a SMILE.
  6. Get online. Online dating is no longer taboo.  There are reputable sites out there you can join.  I suggest the ones that charge a fee to be a member.  Not $5 a month either.  If he’s paying for a membership then he probably takes dating seriously.  Also, stop believing in the negative stereotypes of online dating.  It does not mean your desperate and no, not all men online are serial killers!
  7. Be happy single. When something is wrong, you typically try to fix it.  This may cause you to be in a rush to be with someone.  If men feel like you are pressed to be in a relationship or married, they’ll Usain Bolt you – RUN!
  8. Love yourself! Men can sniff out a weak women a mile away.  They know if you’re insecure.  Most men are attracted to a confident woman.  As cliche-ish as this may sound, but when you’re happy on the inside it shows on the outside.  It’s all about confidence, how you carry yourself and what you exude.  That’s SWAGGER and they love it!

I’m a firm believer you attract what you give out.  So look inside ladies.  Maybe you’re giving off something that only attracts the men you’re complaining about.  Now throw on that cute dress, some stilettos and put on that smile and go get ’em!


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