Billionaires Boys AND Girls Club of America

william-gatesIf you’re like me, you look foward to Forbes Magazine annual list of ‘Worlds Richest People.’  I read their names and their net worth and pretend it’s me.  Yeah, I know.  I’m corny.

Last year, the world had 1,125 billionaires.  This year, we’re down to 793.  The Billionaires Boys and Girls Club (BBGC), lost 1.4 trillion in net worth but who’s counting?  You know how you feel when you realized you lost a 5 dollar bill.  You shrug it off and thank God it wasn’t a 20.  That’s probably how they felt. It’s pocket change to them. 


I took the time to generate a list of the top 20 U.S. billionaires.  As I was going through this list, it dawned on me that their net worth is over 300 billion smack-a-roos.  Can you imagine if they all got together and said, “Let’s donate 2% of our total net worth to the U.S. education system.”  

*Shaking head* Silly me!  What was I thinking? 

So here goes.  Here are our richest residents of these here fine United States.   Sidenote: Tell the Walton’s they know they should be treating their employees better!

  1. William Gates               40 Billion
  2. Warren Buffett             37 Billion
  3. Lawrence Ellison        22.5 Billion
  4. Jim Walton                    17.8 Billion
  5. Alice Walton                 17.6 Billion
  6. Christy Walton             17.6 Billion
  7. S Robson Walton         17.6 Billion
  8. Michael Bloomberg    16 Billion
  9. Charles Koch                 14 Billion
  10. David Koch                    14 Billion
  11. Michael Dell                   12.3 Billion
  12. Donald Bren                   12 Billion
  13. Sergey Bren                    12 Billion
  14. Larry Page                      12 Billion
  15. Steven Ballmer             11 Billion
  16. George Soros                 11 Billion
  17. Paul Allen                       10.5 Billion
  18. Abigail Johnson           10 Billion
  19. Ronald Perelman         10 Billion
  20. Jack Taylor                     9.5 Billion

OH and 21.  Me     8……..dollars!


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