Is There Redemption In The NFL?

After a 23 month sentence for federal dog fighting crimes, Vick’s ridiculous punishment is over.  Well almost over.  He’ll be on probation for the next 3 years.  If you read my previous blog on Vick, then there’s no reason to relive why I feel his punishment did not fit the crime. 

I have a bone to pick, (not a dogs bone PETA.. don’t come and hunt me down) with the people who want to stick him on a cross, douse him with gasoline, light the match and have a barbecue.  If I hear one more person say, ‘he needs to pay for his crime’ I’M GOING TO SCREAM!  Last time I checked, prison time meant you paid for your crime.  Last time I checked, it was paying your debt to society.  The man spent over a year in FEDERAL PRISON, what more do you want him to do?  Donate a kidney to a local Humane Society?  Or his big toe to  PETA?  I mean shut up already! 

Vick should not have to kiss the tail of PETA, the Humane Society or of you dog obsessed peons.   A lifetime ban from the NFL is excessive.  Mr. Gooddell, you have kept less desirable people in your institution.  Don’t be such a hypocrite!  If Michael Vick was in any other profession, would there be this much outrage?  If this was Brett Favre… ahhhh I won’t go there.  Anyways.  When Leonard Little of the St. Louis Rams killed a HUMAN while driving drunk, did you protest then?  What about the multiple athletes convicted of rape, sex with minors and numerous other things way more heinous than dog fighting?  Where was the outrage then?  Oh..that’s right.  A dogs life is way more important and precious than a human.  That explains why this country had animal right laws  BEFORE child cruelty laws.  GO FIGURE!

I look foward to seeing Vick back on the field.  He was one of the best QB’s in the NFL and you’re really not playing at your peak if you can’t compete with best.  Go Vick Go!


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