Former New Jersey Net Star, Richard Jefferson Leaves Bride At The Altar…now THAT’S a flagrant foul!

richard_jeffersonTalk about unsportsmanlike conduct! 

Richard Jefferson, who was recently traded to the San Antonio Spurs, dropped his soon to be beautiful bride and former Net Dancer, Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols, via EMAIL only hours before the big day.  Apparently, Kesha had a clue because her family and friends were notified and were not at the swank Mandarin Oriental.  The same can’t be said for Richard’s people because they showed up to the wedding very shocked to find out that their boy was a no-show.

We can only assume what happened and assume why Richard would leave his stunning wife-to-be, but ladies let this be a lesson: IF A MAN AINT READY TO MARRY HE AINT READY TO MARRY!  Stop trying to strong-arm them into making you a wife.  Stop giving them ultimatums to marry you.  Stop rushing them down the damn aisle or find yourself getting Rich Jefferson’d! 

I’ve been hearing people give him props for not going through it because there are so many men who were to scared to back out, but he didn’t.  Give me a break!  Richard is a coward.  He knew before the day of his wedding that he didn’t want to marry her.  As a matter of fact, he probably knew when he proposed to her.  He doesn’t deserve any praise because he was ‘strong enough to back out.’  It takes a real man to follow his instinct from the beginning and not ask if he wasn’t ready. 

Question:  What would you do if you were left at the altar?  Could you forgive your fiancee?  How would you move on?


2 comments on “Former New Jersey Net Star, Richard Jefferson Leaves Bride At The Altar…now THAT’S a flagrant foul!

  1. You’re right Dee, changing your mind is not synonomous with coward but changing your mind VIA EMAIL is! lol. He dropped his bride via email. That’s cowardly. I’m only sayng that people giving him props shouldn’t be. I think men, especially, know when they’re not ready to marry and I think he knew before Friday lol. He wasn’t even man enough to SPEAK to her about not wanting to get married. Dude’s a coward..

  2. I say that it’s better now, before they get married, hate each other, have kids, create more “cowards” or “gold-diggers”. Maybe he really thought he loved her but then he changed his mind. I don’t remember when changing your mind was a characteristic of a coward. Maybe Kesha committed a deal breaker which caused her to be Richard Jefferson’d!!!

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