Essence Music Festival 2009

So the ladies of Cocoa Chicks CritiQues venture off and spend 4 nights in New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival.  Other than the 3 hours Southwest Airlines had us waiting at the airport, we have no complaints!  We partied so hard that we were only able to attend one night of concerts.  We came in with the sun already up every morning we were there.  We danced, laughed and kicked it so hard I came home with a sprained ankle.  Now that’s a party! 😉

The one show we did catch was a phenomenal complilation of musicians like Al Green, Lionel Richie and The Commodores, Maze ft. Frankie Beverly, Teena Marie, Lalah Hathaway, Raphael Saadiq and more.  By this night we had partied 3 nights in a row with only 6 hours of sleep so we were almost to tired to enjoy the show and we were to cold (it was FREEZING in there).

Our recommendations of hotels, restaurants and things to do:

  • Marriott Hotel – 555 Canal St.
  • Sheraton Hotel – 500 Canal St.
  • Westin Hotel – 100 Rue Iberville
  • Cafe Dumond – 800 Decatur St.
  • Bourbon House – 144 Bourbon St.
  • Razzoos – 511 Bourbon St.
  • Harrahs – 228 Poydras St.

Maybe Dee and MiMi have more to say about this festival but please believe WE WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!   Who’s coming?


One comment on “Essence Music Festival 2009

  1. Dee and Mimi..remember the guy on the plane talking on his cell phone as we’re rolling down the runway?!?! lol.

    World, we’re on our way to the runway and this passenger’s phone rings. He answers! Not only does he answer but he holds a full conversation with the caller. Laughing, joking..shooting the shit.. I mean not wrapping it up kind of talking. We’re all looking at him like ‘dude?!?!’ So the flight attendant comes by and tells him to hang up the phone RIGHT NOW! A guy sitting across the aisle from him leans over, looks at him and says ‘dude..wait a minute.. AND your seat is back!’ We all just fell out laughing! You know at takeoff you shouldn’t be doing anything wrong.. this dude is on the phone, seat is back and his tray is down. lol! That’s when we knew our weekend was going to be a blast!

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