Ignorance is Bliss

My blog partner DeeDee asked me to view a site of another local blogger to look at a very disappointing post.  When she told me the site, I cringed because I am not a fan of this blogger but I wasn’t suprised that the disappointing post would be on her site.  Hesitantly I log on and sure enough, not to my suprise, I’m disgusted and disappointed.

Apparently this blogger was sent an event flyer that perpetuated the self-hate that has been historically instilled in blacks for as long as we can remember and passed down generation after generation.  I’m assuming it was sent to her because she has a name and a following and they wanted her to promote it.  The flyer contained, of course the usual, a half-naked women promoting a party (go figure!), but it was the kind of party they were promoting:  Dark Skin vs. Redbone Affair.  This alone is a topic blacks have been battling for centuries but that’s not the issue for this post. 

The issue is, this blogger expresses such ‘disgust’ about the flyer ..so much disgust that SHE STILL POSTS IT FOR ALL TO SEE!  WTF?!?  If you’re “shaking your head to the ignorance displayed by our people” as your comment reads under the flyer, then you must be shaking your head at yourself.  You’re just as guilty for perpetuating this bafoonery as the event promoter is for putting it all together.  Then you act like you’re taking the high road by expressing “disgust” when you’re really apart of the problem for posting it. 

Great job Sandra!  You’re doing ‘our people’ such a service!


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