Beautiful On The Inside

Most of the time there are not to many nice words people have for pageant girls or models.  They’re typically viewed as pretentious, airheads and ditzy.  When you see them on pageants and beauty contests giving their answers to ‘What’s your dream job?’ and they say “to feed all the hungry children around the world’  you automatically think ‘WHAT-EV-ERRRRR!’   When they win the competition we see them on tv for 3 days and then POOF, they’re gone.  All the great answers she told us such as giving back to the community, working at the local homeless shelter and serving food at the local food bank seem to have left the building.

Then there was Kristina Higgins.  Saturday night she was crowned Miss Georgia but when it came time to sign on the dotted line, she gracefully bows out.  And from what I hear, this was the girl to beat!  Typically when we hear about beauty queens relenquishing their crown usually something scandalous is about to hit the fan – some old photos taken by an ex.. a sex tape.. something crazy. 

Not Kristina Higgins.  This 24-year-old special education teacher in Gwinnett County, GA who loves pageants so much that Saturday’s competition was her third try, gave up that dream to continue a more important dream – TEACHING.  Sunday morning, pageant officials were shocked when Kristina told them that being Miss Georgia would take away from her duties as a teacher.  Now that’s a MODEL citizen.

Kristina, if you’re out there… you GO GIRL! 

Kristina Higgins


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