America I Am: The African American Imprint

American I Am

“This exhibit traces the indelible imprint African Americans have made on America.  Their stories –  some familiar, many suprising – are inseperable from the story of America itself.”

There’s really not a word other than PHENOMENAL that can explain this exhibit.  It will take a lifetime of studies to truly understand the ‘African American imprint’ on America but this tour is a wonderful start and synopsis. 

It starts from the horrific forcible passage of Africans to the New World through the African Slave Trade, known as the Middle Passage and travels nearly 500 years through American history.  With artifacts such as a signed letter from President Lincoln regarding Frederick Douglas being a free man, a Cotton Gin and the steel jail bench Martin Luther King sat on during one of his arrests, you are sure to learn something you did not know. 

I can go on and on about other signed documents from former presidents, clothes worn by historic figures, videos shown and the immeasurable contributions in certain areas that I had NO CLUE about but that will spoil it for you.  I can go on and on about the many emotions I experienced walking through 15,000 square feet of  almost every period of U.S. history but that will spoil it for you.  If you are in Atlanta or plan on visiting Atlanta through September 2009, this is a MUST see.  Regardless of your race, culture or ethnic background this is an AMERICAN journey from struggle to triumph that you must experience.

American I Am: The African American  Imprint exhibit is at the Atlantic Civic Center, 395 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta, GA 30308. 



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