Why music is OFFICIALLY dead now…

If you have a pulse, then you are in disbelief about the sudden death of Michael Jackson.  Yeah, yeah, yeah we all die and as cliche-ish as this sounds, MJ was not supposed to die!  I’m typically not moved by many stars and can’t think of any in my lifetime that have died and I felt the need to express myself but today I’m realizing how iconic Michael was…no IS.  This man transcended race, music and popularity.  His fans love for him transcended infatuation.  Michael Jackson was the man.  PERIOD.

You may not want to believe it but music is officially dead.  MJ was the epitome of music.  MJ was music.  He was able to sell 100 million albums back in a day when there was a racial divide on programs such as MTV.  He didn’t need a duet on every single on his album like artists need now.  He was the first one to have the #1 pop single, #1 pop album, #1 R&B single and #1 R&B album SIMUTANEOUSLY.  He’s the only one to have five or six #1 singles on the same album.  He has the ALL TIME best selling album EVER.  That same album is re-released 25 years later and still goes multi-platinum.  And most people think Beyonce is a icon.. .GIVE ME A BREAK! 

Yes, music is officially dead.  Will we ever get an album like Thriller again?  Will we ever get ‘Bad’ again?  Will we get ‘ Off The Wall’ again?Will anyone ever have 7 top ten singles on a album ever again?  No.  With all the video channels, marketing advances, radio stations and other avenues that put an artist at the fingetips of everyone in the world, they can barely sell 2 million albums.  Artists aren’t entertainers anymore.  Talent and desire are no longer a prerequisite.  Think of his concerts and think of todays concerts, there is no comparison.  Think of all his hit songs and think of ‘hit’ songs today, there is no comparison.   With Michael around it was a reminder of how good music was.  It kept hope alive for me.  Everytime I hear ‘Thriller’  or ‘PYT’ I hold onto hope that an upcoming singer would try to emulate him.   But to no avail.

Genius has been used very loosely over the years.  As well as great.  Michael was beyond that.  He was a trailblazer.  This man created masterpieces that we haven’t seen since.

With MJ gone it’s like the 1000 piece puzzle I worked on for months only to find out that there was a piece missing – incomplete and the box cover can’t be duplicated.

*Sigh*  Yes, music is officially dead.


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