The Real Housewives of New Jersey is CIAO BELLA!

I have only seen a few episodes of the previous Real Housewives seasons. I could never really get into it. Here is a quick breakdown of my thoughts on each previous season:
  • Orange County – Fake boobs, over-tanned, with crispy blonde hair.
  • New York – BORING
  • Atlanta – Ghetto and Broke Broads, you are asking yourself, “whose real, whose fake”?

Okay, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is the truth. I really believe they are rich and I believe they will send for you if you get on their bad side. The whole entire season was explosive from the beginning to the end! It starts off with Danielle, the drama queen of the show, searching for a rich husband and having phone sex with someone she met on the internet. She sets up a date with dude and he stands her up. Teresa is buying 100K dollars worth of furniture and she paid cash. Jaqueline is a former single mom that came up. Dina is recently divorced and marries her big sister’s husband’s brother. Dina and Danielle hate each other. Then we have Caroline the “Boss Bitch” of the show. She keeps everyone together except for Danielle. She considers Danielle an outsider. There is a scene with her wrestling a german shepard. She is no joke. One of my favorite lines by her is “If I don’t know you, I don’t like you”. If you liked The Sopranos and Desparate Housewives, this is the show for you. Please tune into Bravo and catch the marathon, before season 2 begins.


One comment on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey is CIAO BELLA!

  1. Why is that the Atlanta Housewives have had the most negative terms used towards them when talked about? Ok so they’re loud, argumentative and petty.. the Orange County weren’t loud, argumentative, foul mouthed and ‘ghetto’? Or is the term ghetto relegated to only black folks?

    Weren’t the housewives of New York loud, argumentative, petty and foul mouthed.. but yet, no one describes them as ‘ghetto’.

    As for money, can anyone really name a housewive that had her OWN money? Orange county, there was a real estate ‘mogul’.. and who else? Wasn’t one living in an apartment with her GROWN DAUGHTER? Wasn’t one the ex wife of a ball player? But yet, they’re not described as broke.

    Housewives of New York – what did the countess do? Marry a damn count! What about the slow one with the husband they thought was gay? They lived in a home that has been under construction FOR 2 YEARS.. what did she do? The only one that had her OWN thing was chef.

    Now we’re in Jersey… ones the wife of a rich dude in ‘construction’ (YEAH RIGHT!). One is ‘looking’ for work.. aka UNEMPLOYED!

    Again, another example of how when the same thing is portrayed across the color lines it’s ‘ghetto, broke, embarassing..’ for one group.. but not the same for other groups. If Atlanta housewives are ghetto and broke then so are the rest because they are ALL loud, all foul mouthed, all have been embarassing, none of them have jobs but ONE OR TWO and MOST IF NOT ALL have married into their money.. didn’t one in Jersey flip a table over in a restaurant??


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