The Hangover – Sure to Be a Cult Classic

I’m sure every American has heard that The Hangover is the FUNNIEST movie of the year.  It has killed the box office for two weeks and I’m sure it will for this third weekend.  This is sure to be the next cult classic.

For those of you that have been living under a rock, no offense but I don’t even watch TV and I heard of this movie.  The movie is about a foursome that go to Las Vegas two days before their friend’s wedding to have a blowout night they will never forget, LET THE HILARITY ENSUE.  This trip is the worst case scenario.  I laughed from beginning to end and like the people to the left of me who were quoting the movie, yes in the third week they were resiting the lines as they were being said, I will surely have to view it again as I missed many jokes because of the sound of my own laughter.

The movie had a perfect combination of the ridiculous, witty and slapstick.  Ed Helms, of The Office and John Stewart Show fame, is hilariously dry and Zach Galifianakis, who also started in another film that shows the dangers of Sin City (What Happens in Vegas), is psychotic and endearing.

This film is C3licious.

C3 Certified!

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