Sexism is Very Much Alive

It all started with a  Facebook query from my cocoalicious cohort Anji, “What do you think about a guy with a tattoo on the small of his back? lol”.  I’m sure most can guess that the response overwhelmingly proclaimed this fictitious man as gay.  Her next question then goes on to ask the readers to think of why this isn’t an acceptable expression for men.  I have no answer.  It just isn’t.  Even my gay friends agree that that would be suspect, presuming that only a gay man would be adventurous enough to tattoo his lower back with a “tramp stamp.”

Why is it acceptable for women to get tattoo sleeves, something widely perceived by society at large as manly but a man can’t flip the script, so to say.  It’s because there was not man liberation movement.  Men can’t be sensitive, caring or nurturing without someone raising an eyebrow.  I know some men that won’t get a pedicure just because they don’t even want anyone to think for a second that there is any “sugar in their tank.”

I applaud any man gay or straight that does what makes them feel good, whether it’s having a brew with the boys, getting a pedicure with your friends or significant other or tattooing your back, the small of your back that is.  Your day will come when you too can be yourself.

But until that day comes, please don’t take it wrong if I give you a sideways glance.


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