Everyday in the news we hear about the recession. We hear about all the once stable companies going down for the count. All the unemployment, the struggling economy, gas going through the roof and Americans trading in Benjamins for Abraham Lincolns.

The fun you use to have seems to be far and few between. Girls Night Out has turned into sitting on your sofa texting your girls. But don’t fret. There are so many things to do that consists of spending little to no money! The one we’ll discuss today is: GAME NIGHT!

Not the ‘usual’ game night where the Celtics are running all over the Hawks 😉 but the real game night where you actually play games. If you have a home or apartment that can fit 10 – 15 guests you have the perfect arrangement for a night of fun. Invite your friends, male and female, to come over to play games such as Taboo, Spades, Catchphrases, Dominos and Twister. Yes, I said it.. adult Twister! “RIGHT HAND – RED” Now how fun can that be getting mangled up with a fine man? LOL! Same for you gentlemen. You now have to put your arms around that cute girl you’ve been looking at all night to get to that red spot.

But the best game to get the most group participation and the best laughs are Taboo and Catchphrases. They are guaranteed to have you in stitches! Especially Taboo where your teammate has to say phrases that will help you guess the word he has selected in the deck of cards. For example, a card will have the word ‘White House’ on the top. Under ‘White House’ are 5 words/phrases you are NOT allowed to say to your teammates. You can say anything other than those 5 words to your team so that they can guess ‘White House.’ This example is very easy so don’t expect it to be a breeze. The funniest memory I have of Game Night that took place last weekend was our teammate Alphonso trying to get us to say ‘Mardi Gras’. The phrase he used was ‘Essence Festival but not really Essence Festival.’ We all just looked at each other and fell out laughing! What in the hell is ‘Essence Festival but not really Essence Festival?’ LOL!

So gather up your people, tell them to bring a bottle of something or snacks. If everyone brings one thing, you have food and drinks for the whole party. Now you have a night hanging with good friends and possibly making some new ones. You saved the money you would have spent getting into the club, parking and the $15 half filled 10 oz glass of Grey Goose and cranberry juice.

Leave those recession blues behind… .enjoy!

Cocoa Chicks next recessionista buster next event: Pool Party!

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