Poppa G’s Cheeseburger Subs

When my little cocoa chick and I entered this establishment we were greeted by two smiling faces and a warm home like feel. One of the owners allowed the young teen, who I assume was his son welcome us and take the lead. He give us a rundown of the menu which consist of burger subs, with turkey and vegetarian options, chicken strip subs, barbeque chicken quarters, and barbeque pork ribs. The sides include French fries, cheese fries, onion rings, sweet baked beans and potato salad (with has a nice Cajun kick).

I ordered a veggie burger sub meal with onion rings and all of the fixins on my sub and my little one ordered barbeque chicken quarters, also with onion rings. While we waited we were given a small scoop of ice cream to tide us over. Not sure if the ice cream was home made but the vanilla scoop I had was sweet and buttery and a good indication of the quality of food we were about to receive. As we sat on the comfy sofa, I looked at a couple of magazines from the coffee table and took in the ambiance. Free laptop usage at an internet station, an eclectic mixture of photographs and pictures that include family photos, Dizzy Gillespie and Run DMC wearing their signature Adidas and Kangol hats. Before I could say anything my daughter swaying her head to the jazz playing in the background said “I like this place, I know the food is going to be good,” and boy was that an understatement. It was so good that I must admit my daughter went to school the next day proclaiming Poppa G’s king, so much so that we were walking back through the doors less that one week later.

Again we were greeted by the warm faces of the owners and fell deeper in love with this South Fulton eatery. So if you are looking for great food and service make your way down to Poppa G’s.

Visit www.cheeseburgersub.com


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