Judge Sotomayor.. a new look in Supreme Court

Finally the Supreme Court is starting to look like the people of the country it serves.  I know some may not like that statement but lets be real.  As diverse as this country is, would you want a panel of all Asians, all White, all Black, all Hispanic, all women or all men making legal decisions that affect an entire nation?  Heck no!  Having diversity brings knowledge and enlightenment to others.  All of us have made judgements about a group of people based on hearsay and not actually meeting anyone in that group.  Your judgement may have changed once you finally had a chance to interact with that person.    Ok, ok, ok..enough of my ‘we are the world’ session back to Sotomayor.

I know people will have an issue with Obama’s choice.   People won’t like her because she’s a woman; because she’s Hispanic; because of her age; because Obama picked her; because Obama is black; because Obama is secretly Muslim so she must be secretly Muslim, hence she’s a terrorist stupid things like that that don’t make sense AT ALL. But read her bio.  She is what the ‘American Dream’ is all about, right?  A Puerto Rican girl living in the projects with a father who didn’t make it past the 3rd grade who died and left the mother to raise 2 children that one happen to turn out to be a doctor and the other now a Supreme  Court nominee..whew!  Statistically she wasn’t supposed to make it out the projects, right?  Somehow she did and went on to graduate summa cum laude from Princeton and earn her J.D. from Yale while editing the Yale Law Journal.

The word on the street from the naysayers is that she’s not the smartest cookie.  I find that hard to believe.  I don’t think you can go as far as she has gone being a dummy… a female dummy.. and a hispanic female dummy at that.  I do not believe minority women have that luxury.  When women seem to be smart, unapologetic about who they are, educated and then educated from top schools, not intimated by power or prestige from anyone coupled with her background, and she’s not a 3rd generation graduated of Harvard, she’s labeled as a dummy.   Give me a break!

I don’t presume to know enough about  Sotomayor’s opinions to say I completely support her but I do like the fact that she has been nominated by SEVERAL Presidents both Republican and Democrat and that her background and experiences makes her more capable to commit to legal fairness.    I will continue to research and come back with my findings!


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