Good eats in Puerto Rico!

One thing I love is a great restaurant and Puerto Rico has lots of those.  You can stand in the middle of Old San Juan, close your eyes, spin around and where ever your eyes land there will be a good place to eat.  There are just to many to name so I’ll tell you about 2.

Do not, I repeat, do not go to Puerto Rico and eat somewhere you can eat in the states.  On the way back from The Yunque Rainforest tour, a passenger asked our tour guide where the closest DSCN1069McDonald’s was.  Everyone turned to her and said ‘McDonald’s?’  So after we laughed the amateur off the bus, we proceeded to Cafe Del Angel located on Ashford Ave in San Juan for some authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.  I don’t know what I ordered because the menu was in Spanish so I told our server to bring me anything without pork or red meat in it.  It was sooooooo good!  I ate myself into a coma.



A little bit of Italy nestled in Puerto Rico!

DSCN1198If you have grown tired of Puerto Rican cuisine during your stay and want something that reminds you of home, there’s nothing better than pizza and pasta.  On our last day in Puerto Rico, we came across Sofia Italian Kitchen & Bar located at 355 San Francisco Street, Old San Juan.  Beautifully arranged with pictures of Sofia Loren throughout the restaurant, this Italian Kitchen and Bar was a pleasant surprise.  We were greeted and served by Mireya Aragon who was professional and friendly from the minute we walked in the door.  Although we kept it very simple by ordering salad and pizza, this was by far the best pizza I’ve had.  That’s HUGE since I grew up on Boston and New York style pizza and you know Boston and New York thinks they have the best pizza on the planet.  NOT!  So if you’re in Puerto Rico and want a little taste of ‘home’ go to Sofia Italian Kitchen & Bar.  You will not be disappointed.


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