Wonderful Wines at Vino Libro

Nestled in the booming Glenwood Park area, Vino Libro is a hidden treasure you must find!  Tucked away at 933 Garrett Street, the attractive store front, big beautiful windows and a nice outside sitting area are just a few of the many perks about this place. I could have sat outside and never entered and would have been completely satisfied but I would have missed the best part: INSIDE!

When you walk into Vino Libro you are welcomed with a bright spacious place, beautiful décor and great customer service. Our server Matt was a wine phenom. He thoroughly explained each wine we questioned and knew exactly what wine we would like! Matt was knowledgeable, engaging and down right friendly! Although you were as cute as a button Matt, we must move on to the menu!

They have wines from Italy, Argentina, South Africa, France, Australia, Cali, Oregon.. the list goes on! With selections such as Nivasco Brachetto, Seven Sisters Bukettraube and Rutherford Ranch Chardonnay, Vino Libro is bound to satisfy all wine lovers and make new wine lovers. The food was just as impressive. They had just enough choices so that the food would not take away from all the wonderful wines.  You can tell by the way I inhaled my salad, there’s a huge focus on TASTE. This is without a doubt, my new spot.

Side note to the men: TAKE YOUR LADY TO THIS PLACE. We’re trying to help you out here. You’re not sure where to go on that first date or if she’s tired of going to the same place over and over again, Vino Libro is the spot. With lots of close sitting arrangements, love seats, soft comfy sofas, low music playing in the background coupled with 2 or 3 glasses of wine, this is a set up for a wonderful grand finale! 😉

Until next time my friends…

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