Sunday Brunch and Jazz @ Copelands of Buckhead

Looking for a good brunch that will not take you to the bank?  Go to 3365 Piedmont Road on Sunday from 10-3!  You will eat yourself into a coma for $18.99.  They have catfish, mac & cheese, wings, mashed potatoes, cajun eggs, scrambled eggs, cheesy grits, french toast, waffles, omelette station and I hope your sitting for this one:  A FONDU STATION!!  I can keep going on the food list, but you get the drift.

I go approximately once a month and I never have to wait to be seated, my server is friendly and professional all the time and I never wait for the food to be replenished. Consistency and customer service is a HUGE plus and Copeland’s of Buckhead does not lack in either.

Variety of food
Great price
Friendly and professional staff
Enjoyable jazz band
Lots of parking

Cons – can’t think of any!  The only ‘possible’ con is if you arrive during the church let out that’s in the vicinity, traffic and parking could be a headache.CCC Logo 2


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