Why He Won’t Wife You

How does Beyonce’s song go?  “Cause if you liked it then you should of put a ring on it” Well here are a few reasons why you will not get that ring.

1.  You nag, nag, nag.  Stop it! Most men have a very low tolerance for nagging.  Do you hear them going around crying because you didn’t wash the dishes?  Then stop crying about him not taking out the trash!

2.  Stop rushing him or giving him an ultimatum to marry you.  Why would you want to force a man to marry you?

3.  He doesn’t want to get married.   But you wouldn’t of known that because you never got to know him when you first met.  Most women can avoid these dead end relationships if they just merely COMMUNICATE.  If you know that marriage is of high importance to you, why wouldn’t you ask a man you are about to date if he feels the same?  The minute he said “no”, that was your cue to hit the door but nooooooooooooooo.  If marriage is #2 on your dating list and it’s # 9 on his, why would you waste time with him?

4.  Your mouth.  Everything doesn’t have to be a argument.  You do not have to have the last word each and every single time.  Learn how to pick your battles.

5.  You’re insecure and jealous.  You know that woman you accused him of sleeping with? Well guess what honey?  It was his aunt!

6.  You do not trust him.

7. He’s not ready.  Just because you fall in love easily doesn’t mean he does or that he should.

8.  Let him lead.  Let him be a man.  Don’t belittle him or his dreams just because he’s not at a place that YOU think he should be.  Your dream was to go off to college and become a teacher and you did that.  His dream is to open up a chain of barbershops or auto shops, let him do that.

9.  Stop letting your family and your friends make decisions for your relationship.

10.  Stop trying to change him.

11.  Sex.  Keep on believing that lie ‘sex is not important.’  All men want a freak in the bedroom.

12.  You have to bring more to the table than a bad ass body.

13.  You have more than 2 baby fathers.  No man is about to deal with multiple different men.  Sorry.

14.  You take the “Ms. Independent” thing to far.

15.  You cheated on him.  Most men can not get past infidelity.

We want to hear from the men out there.  What other reasons will prevent you from buying that ring?

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