Tejano singer Selena honored by the USPS

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I think I was in high school when Selena Quintanilla-Perez was shot and killed by her fan club president.  Her death shocked the Latino community almost in the same way Elvis’ death shocked white America – a huge loss musically. … Continue reading

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Missing Mondays: Athena Joy Curry (ATLANTA)

November 2nd, just a few days shy from her 21st birthday, Athena Curry should be making plans for one of her biggest party nights in her life.  All her friends and family should be thinking of ways to help her … Continue reading

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Occupy the Hood Boston

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I’m a big supporter of people taking action.  The recent Occupy Wall Street protests taking place all over the country puts a little smile on my face.  FINALLY people not just talking and finally doing something.  Will I be at … Continue reading

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Do You Trust Your Husband to Watch the Kids?

Marriage, do you trust your husband to watch the kids,As crazy as the title sounds, I had this conversation with a married friend recently.  She had this conversation with her married friend recently. And it seems to be a popular topic… trusting a husband with his own children.

I ran into one of my married girlfriends who asked me about the guy I was dating.  This lead into a conversation about dating, marriage, love, finding a good partner, etc., the usual topics that come up when asked about your booski. Fast forward a few minutes into the conversation and my friend tells me that during an outing with her other married girlfriends, one of them said,

“So who’s watching the girls?”

Perplexed, my friend answers,

“My husband.”  Right.  Like who else?

This is where the blank stares of all blank stares come in.  Her friend responds with,

“You TRUST your husband to watch YOUR children?”  *insert record scratch*

As a non-married woman, I was in shock.  I do not think I need to be married to know that her question is wrong and concerning on so many levels.  What does she mean, “do you TRUST your husband to watch YOUR children”?  And since when are the children just hers?  Marriage, to me, is the shiznit… when done right.  It’s a lifetime partnership that I look forward to in the future.  But what part of the game is this?  When did mothers/wives become to scared to leave the children with the father?

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